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What is the MP4 format?

MP4 is an acronym for Multimedia Container Format for Digital Audio and Video. It was developed by the International Organization for Standardization. It was released in 2001 and allows streaming over the Internet. MP4 is able to store both audio and video, just like any other container. MP4 also supports metadata and text. It is widely used for multimedia distribution because of its popularity. Its filename extension for multimedia distribution is.mp4.

How to Convert YouTube Videos into MP4 convert videos to MP4 in a simple and straightforward way. All this while maintaining the highest quality video (up to Full HD 1080p). These are the steps you need to follow to receive your video right into your download folder.

  1. Enter the URL to the video you want to download
  2. Paste the URL into the box below
  3. As the output format, choose MP4 (360p 480p 720p 720p or 1080p).
  4. Click on “Download” and wait for it to finish.

Convert YouTube to MP4 without Software

Our tool is 100% hosted in the cloud (even though we are not God, we can see the rain falling before it happens). can guarantee that you are the most secure YouTube video downloader online. Regular testing ensures that our website is free from any cyberthreats, no intrusive pop-ups that could pose a risk to the devices of our users and very few ads to enhance your experience.

Is legal?

It is not true that the legality of the MP4 converter is currently under debate. Although no one has been sued for downloading YouTube videos from YouTube, Google doesn’t like it when it happens. Because they do not violate any copyright laws, offering audio converter services is legal. The way people use the downloaded content might be illegal. It is fine to use the downloaded content for personal purposes, but not for commercial purposes.

You can also convert your videos into other formats supports these file types for Youtube downloading and conversion: MP3 audio, M4A audio, WEBM (Audio), ALAC (Audio), FLAC(Audio), OGG [Audio], OGG (Audio), OGG [Audio], OGG (Audio), OGG ]), MP4 (336p Video), MP4 (480p Video), MP4 (1080p video), MP4 (1080p Video),MP4 (1440p Video), WEBM (8K Video), WEBM (8K Video), WEBM (8K) Video), WEBM (8K Video), WEBM (8K Video), WEBM (8K Video), WEBM (8K Video), WEBM 8K Video),