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In the conclusion of the TV show Yellowstone In the final episode of the TV series Yellowstone, there was an ode to a woman called Melanie Olmstead, which made people bewildered by the name of this woman. Who do we know about Melanie Olmstead from Yellowstone, and what did she do to her?

Melanie Olmstead worked with Yellowstone as the head of transport and location. Olmstead worked for Hollywood as well as TV since 2000. She was a huge fan of Yellowstone due to her passion for animals as well as her relationship with the location of filming. She passed away at 50 due to complications from cancer.

The finale episode in season 2 aired and viewers saw an ode to Melanie Olmstead, different fans around the world were quick to join social media to inquire about what the woman was. It was at that point that they learned what Melanie Olmstead was and what her relationship with Yellowstone was. Fans quickly rallied behind Olmstead’s family, as well as the entire Yellowstone team during an emotional time for them.

The season 2 finale of Yellowstone which aired on the night of August 28 in 2019, was not just the focus of a lot of viewers due to how incredible the show was, but it also featured an intriguing tribute to the conclusion of the episode.

In the final episode of Yellowstone’s second season, finale viewers around the world watched an ode to a woman known as Melanie Olmstead. Of course, people who tune in to the show are familiar with that the name of each cast member as well as those who are involved in the show. However, almost none of the fans from all over the globe was aware of the name Melanie Olmstead.

After the show’s Season 2 final episode, viewers immediately took to social media to ask about Melanie Olmstead is. In this regard, the show’s producers were the ones to answer the questions and explained to the world what the woman in the episode’s tribute was.

In this regard, Melanie Olmstead was actually one of the people who worked for Hollywood and various television shows from 2000. Although she wasn’t an actor with a huge following or who worked closely with any of the various films and television shows she was involved in, her job mostly involved managing essential aspects such as location and transportation.

A few of Melanie Olmstead’s earlier works involved transportation in the television series Good Joe Bell. Additionally, in films like Point Break (2015) and John Carter, she worked as an assistant to the crew on location.

What is Melanie Olmstead Have to Do with Yellowstone?

If you’ve been watching Yellowstone it’s easy to realize the fact that Melanie Olmstead was not one of the actors in the group. It is also evident that she was not one of the most prominent name actors on the production side of the show. So, then what is Melanie Olmstead have to do with Yellowstone?

Melanie Olmstead, due to her work as a person who worked on Hollywood TV and movies as a location and transportation specialist, actually held the same job in Yellowstone. Olmstead was a transportation specialist along with location and transportation for the Yellowstone series There is an extremely good reason why she was hired.

Based on her family background, Melanie Olmstead is an enthusiast of the Yellowstone series. She was a passionate love for animals, and also owned horses that were almost 40 years old, which is more than the typical lifespan of the average horse.

In that sense working with the whole cast and crew of Yellowstone was the ultimate dream come true for her as it touched her heart because she is a lover of animals.

Naturally, Melanie Olmstead was also chosen to be the director due to the fact that she was extremely knowledgeable of one location for filming the entire series.

Yellowstone is a television show which explores a ranch that is supposed to be situated near an area that is believed to be bordering Yellowstone National Park. However, since the team was unable to film the show on an actual ranch close to Yellowstone the show, they needed to shoot the show at ranches between Montana as well as Utah.

Melanie Olmstead was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Prior to her work in Hollywood and television, she also spent the majority part of her time living in Utah. She completed her college studies in Utah and later went on to create her family’s residence in the town she grew up in. This implies it is possible that Melanie Olmstead was someone whose heart was truly in her home state of Utah.

Being an alumnus of Salt Lake City, Utah, Melanie Olmstead had a strong connection to the filming location, as well. She knew her state by heart. This helped her excel in her role in the field of transportation and locations because it was simple to complete the job in a locale that was already known to her. Naturally, this helped make the whole filming process effortless for the actors and the production team.

What Happened to Melanie Olmstead?

When we talk about tributes, there’s usually an underlying reason that anyone should pay homage or tribute to another. It is typically due to how they died. This was the case with Melanie Olmstead when Yellowstone paid tribute to a prominent employee of their staff.

Melanie Olmstead died in May of 2019, right before the debut of Yellowstone’s second season. This implies that she could have been a part of all the crew members in the production of season 2 before her death.

It was remarkable to discover that Yellowstone was willing to honor one of the characters of the time. The world of Hollywood and television usually includes actors who are a shadow of the hardworking people in the background to ensure the product is successful.

Even if it’s not the actors who take the recognition for the accomplishments of the show the primary production head as well as the directors are often the only people other than the actors that are in the spotlight.

We rarely notice the other individuals who are working in the background being acknowledged for their part in the performance of a movie or an entire series.

In this instance, it was pleasing to know that Yellowstone was more than happy to honor Melanie Olmstead, a person who won’t likely receive a lot of praise for her, yet she did an occupation that was just as crucial and vital in the development of the show as the other participants on the production team.

After the public was made aware of the death of Melanie Olmstead, social media users quickly offered their condolences to her family, and to the whole group of Yellowstone.

Although people from all over the globe didn’t know anything about Olmstead however, their ability to adore Yellowstone the same way she did was enough to establish an instant connection between people who love her and wonder woman.

What Caused Melanie Olmstead’s Death?

The production team at Yellowstone revealed to the world what Melanie Olmstead was, they did not release the reason for her death since it was something only family members of the deceased had the right to disclose to the general public.

In the following days, it was discovered that Melanie Olmstead actually passed away due to complications caused by cancer. At 50 years old she battled the disease for two years. That means she likely worked with the whole Yellowstone crew even though she was fighting cancer.

Melanie Olmstead died in her home in Salt Lake City, Utah, and her family. Family-wise she had her husband and two children behind who passed away tragically.

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