AI-based online upscaling.AI-based online upscaling.

Professional and novice creators often need to resize their images, whether for personal projects or business projects. Using paid expert software for this job could take time and money, and simply stretching an image will only reduce its quality. AI-powered upscaling tools come to the rescue with automated online processes and image enhancement algorithms.

Do you want to create stunning designs with large, sharp and bright images? Check out this article for some tips on how to increase image size and discover the best AI-powered online upscalers.

How to increase the size of an image

Often novice creators don’t know the basics of increasing image size. Manually changing the resolution properties of the image or dragging the corners of the image to enlarge it will not give the desired results. You will produce a silent, blurry and pixelated JPEG file, moreover, every time you edit and save your photo, its quality decreases.

Instead, one way to proceed is to manually resize the image with the help of professional editing programs. The process is known as basic or traditional upscaling. Photographers and designers do this to zoom in on an image and improve its detail and sharpness. Sometimes, they will copy small pieces from a photo and add them to the image they are working on to recreate the missing parts. Manual upscaling requires advanced knowledge of editing software, previous experience and creative skills.

The method that works well for all creators is AI-based online upscaling. The AI-based algorithm of these tools recognizes image details, improves image quality, recreates missing parts, increases resolution, and produces HD results during the upscaling process.

The best method to increase the image size without quality loss

Usually, online resizers with AI-based upscaling algorithms perform better than traditional magnification tools for several reasons. First, the latest AI-powered tools have trained on numerous different images. Secondly, they are automatic and run faster than any manual photo editing software.

Let’s take a look at how the AI-based algorithm behind an online upscaler works. He is trained to recognize millions of different images, from museum objects to images of exotic animals. When you upload a new image to the upscaler, the system processes it and the machine learning model predicts what some missing details in your photo will look like. Then, it adds extra pixels to the image for clarity and recreates the best possible version of the file with improved quality.

 online tools to increase the size of your image

1 Image Upscaler Deposit photos

Deposit photos Image Upscaler is a free tool that produces high quality zoomed images in a couple of seconds. The upscaler works with JPG and JPEG photos up to 15MB in weight. Its algorithms increase images to double their original size and improve their overall quality. Using this web-based tool, you can also sharpen image details, lighten colors, eliminate blur and reduce noise. To download the results, you need to create a free account.

To upscale your images, follow these steps:

Click the Upload Image button and choose your file. You can also drag and drop the image onto the web page.

Wait a few seconds for the program to process the image.

Compare the enlarged version with the original image.

Click Download to save the resulting image to your device.

This is an efficient image resizer that can turn even the most blurry photos and screenshots into sharp, enlarged files. Img.Upscaler works with photos in JPEG and PNG format that weigh up to 5 MB and have a maximum size of 4000 × 4000px. The only drawback of this tool is that the free version allows you to process up to 10 free photos per week and does not allow batch processing of images. However, you can upscale and download your enhanced images without creating an account.

Follow these steps to use the free version of Img.Upscaler:

Open Img.Upscaler in your browser.

Click the Upload button and choose the image you want to enlarge. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file onto the page.

Click Start so that the system can enter the upscaling process.

Click the Download button to see the resulting image; will open in another window.

Save the enlarged image to your device.

AI Image Enlarger is an online tool that enhances images and greatly enhances the look of your images. It works with JPG and PNG formats with maximum allowed dimensions limited to 5 MB and a resolution of 1200 × 1200px. You need to create a free account to use AI Image Enlarger. With the free account you get 8 credits per month for resizing your photos.

To use this AI-powered image magnification tool, do the following:

Go to the official AI Image Enlarger website.

Click the Select Images button to load the image you want to enlarge. Or you can just drag and drop it onto the web page.

Once the image has been uploaded to the system, choose what you want to do with it. You can zoom it two or four times or manipulate it before upscaling by clicking the Edit button.

When finished editing, click Start.

Click the Download button to save the file.


Both professional and novice creators look for the easiest and fastest ways to upscale their files. Your best bet is to opt for AI-powered online image upscalers. These tools not only enlarge the size of the image, but also improve its quality and resolution. Additionally, web-based upscalers, such as the one from Deposit photos, require no editing skills. You can enlarge your files in a couple of seconds, preparing them for your creative projects.