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The article provides a review analysis of Trello Project Management Vs Monday Project Management. Find out which PM tool works best for your organization. Resources are planned, organized, and allocated using project management software. 

It clarifies duties and responsibilities while facilitating teamwork and enabling project progress tracking. Stakeholders can collaborate easily using project management software. Project managers can keep an eye on expenses and time thanks to it. 

Such tools are now more expensive due to the rise in demand for them. Therefore, choosing project management software for a customer becomes problematic. To help readers choose the right product, this article provides a review analysis of Trello Project Management Vs Monday Project Management.  

What is Trello?  

Trello Project Management is a visual project management application for team communication. The program is utilized by agile software development teams frequently. Besides, it is also employed in other divisions including marketing, sales, support, and human resources. The web-based solution offers tools for defining projects, their specifications, and the workflow. The goal is to guarantee that projects are finished in a specified sequential order.  

Trello provides a digital board where users can create, arrange, and rank actions. Moreover, managers can assign tasks to individuals and teams, set deadlines, and keep track of progress using Trello. Users can also collaborate using Trello cards. Users can attach documents, add members, and make comments on the assigned tasks.  

Key Features of Trello Software  

Centralized Collaboration  

The features enhance collaboration by centralizing collaboration. Moreover, it allows users to give card description boxes, attachments, and comments on threads. You can also mention team members and add them to the cards. This indicates who is in charge of each task.  

Task Management  

Manage tasks by putting them on each card and guiding them through the workflow using this functionality. Additionally, establish and manage task dependencies by making checklists and connecting the cards that go with them.  


The software allows you to connect to apps like Dropbox, SurveyMonkey, Google Drive, MailChimp, Salesforce, and Zendesk to finish workflows. Adding to that, you can select from 130+ modules for developer tools, reporting, automation, and file management. 

Trello Demo  

The software’s official website doesn’t directly provide a demo option to the users. However, it does offer several possibilities. Users can get a thorough overview of Trello by selecting the “Take a Tour of Trello” option. Customers can also learn more about the operations of the system via the Trello guide.  

Trello Cost  

Trello pricing strategy includes the following 4 plans:  


The package does not charge a single penny to the users. It includes the following features:  

  • Unlimited cards  
  • Custom backgrounds & stickers  
  • Unlimited powerups  


The plan costs $5 per user a month billed annually. It offers everything included in the Free package and the following:  

  • Advanced checklist  
  • Single board guests  
  • Saved Searches  


The pricing quotation for this package is $10 a user per month billed annually. The plan provides everything in the Standard package and also:  

  • Unlimited Workspace command runs  
  • Admin and security features  
  • Workspace-level templates  


The software does not provide the cost of this bundle. You will have to contact the sales team directly to get a pricing quotation for this bundle. It offers everything in the Premium package and the following:  

  • Multi-board guests  
  • Attachment permissions  
  • Power-Up administration  

Trello Reviews  

The software has a great user satisfaction rating with 89% positive user feedback. Moreover, it has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars on G2 and 4.3 on Gartner. Both are credible software review websites. 

What is  

The platform is marketed as a work operating system that improves a team’s capacity to manage tasks and workflows effectively.   

It’s an easy-to-use solution that enables teams to customize workflows. The software makes you quickly adapt to changing demands, streamline tasks to increase productivity, and collaborate from any location. Project management tools by Monday include Kanban, automation, Gantt, forms, docs, and more.  

Key Features of  

Gantt Charts  

The most important Monday tool is Gantt charts. The software allows you to track timelines, milestones, deadlines, and dependencies all in one location. Moreover, you can create Gantt charts using spreadsheets to improve visualization as well.  


This component encourages collaboration and production to close the communication gap between the teams. Moreover, you don’t have to scroll through a ton of messages since each assignment has its conversation. 

Marketing and Creative Management  

Use this feature to reach a larger audience, develop marketing strategies, and draft creative briefs. Utilize the content calendar to arrange content according to kind, priority, channel, and publish date. Moreover, the software allows you to keep digital assets somewhere that are easily accessible.   

Monday Demo  

If you have any additional questions or doubts, you can ask for a software demo. The demo option paints a more accurate image of how the program functions. It aids the prospective customer in making an informed purchase decision.  

Monday Cost  

The software offers the following 5 pricing strategies to the users:  


The package does not cost a single dollar to the users. It requires at least 2 users to avail of the package. It offers the following Features:  

  • Unlimited docs  
  • 20+ column types  


The plan costs $8 a user per month billed annually. It includes everything in the Individual package and also:  


The package costs $10 per user a month billed annually. It offers everything in the Basic package and the following:  

  • Calendar views  
  • Timeline & Gantt views  


The bundle costs $16 a user per month billed annually. The plan offers everything included in the Standard package and the following features:  

  • Formula column  
  • Time tracking  


No pricing is available for this bundle on the company‚Äôs official website. The bundle offers all features of the Pro package and also:  

  • Advanced reporting and analytics  
  • Multi-level permissions  

Monday Reviews  

The software is trustworthy and reliable according to several user feedback on software review websites. It has a positive rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Capterra and 4.3 on Trust Radius.  


You cannot determine which PM tool is superior to the other. It is the organization’s needs, budgeting, and size that define which project management software will work best for it. Therefore, before choosing a project management tool, it is important to assess the needs of the business.