Top Schools In Canada To Target For Computer Science

Did you know Canada is currently the #1 destination for studying abroad Computer Science? Canada’s graduation rates, employment, student population, and many more things have made it the best location for international students. 

Computer science is one of the best master’s programs you can target in Canada. Canadian universities are well known for their computer science courses. Names like the University of Toronto and McGill are some of the names you may have heard of.

One of the major reasons why Canada is so much preferred is its multicultural lifestyle and environment. The country is extremely friendly and grants visas easily compared to other countries. But there are still many things that you need to know before you start applying for a program like MSCS in Canada.

Why Canada for a Master in Computer Science?

With many international students enrolling in Canadian universities, the country has become a very nice choice for aspirants. Because it is one of the most populated countries with international students, the universities know exactly what to offer. 

Top universities have different kinds of master’s in computer science programs in Canada that students can target. The post-grad options in Canada are diverse and filled with different career paths. Being one of the best-developed nations, Canada has many upcoming sectors in tech that are CS-directed.

CS graduates from Canadian universities easily earn over CSD 100,000 per annum of income. It is not like these numbers are specifically for the top earners. The CS field in Canada is very lucrative, plus you get admitted into Canadian universities pretty easily. Under computer science, you can target the master’s in data science in Canada and other popular CS fields like IT, analytics, web design, software engineering, etc.

Eligibility to Apply for Canada-based Universities

Canada may grant you a student and immigration visa easily. However, it does not mean you can go easy on the eligibility section here. The things a university asks you as eligibility criteria are not something to be taken lightly. Even if the country is very friendly, these requirements are not flexible. You must manage all the mentioned items to apply for a CS masters in a Canadian university.

These are the things you will need for a master’s in computer science from Canada:

  1. A bachelor degree
  2. Academic transcripts and essential documents like ID, passport
  3. SOP, LORs, and Essays (depending on the university)
  4. An English language proficiency test (TOEFL/IELTS/PTE)
  5. Examination fee (non-refundable)

Canadian universities are very helpful to their students and often seem to assist in your admission process. You can always contact your university if you find any issues during this process. Also, Canada prefers TOEFL over IELTS (to keep in mind), so if possible, go for it first. Along with good education and easy access, Canada is also very advanced in the CS field; you will be more than happy to choose Canada.

Top Universities in Canada for Computer Science

Some of the best universities in Canada are ranked high in computer science masters. You may have heard of names like McGill, the University of Toronto, and Waterloo. Computer science is a very popular field in Canada. Top universities there offer programs in computer science on a large scale.

Some of the top universities in Canada for a master’s in computer science:

1University of TorontoToronto
2University of British Columbia (UBC)Vancouver
3University of WaterlooWaterloo
4McGill UniversityMontreal
5Universite de MontrealMontreal
6University of AlbertaEdmonton
7Simon Fraser UniversityBurnaby
8Queen’s University at KingstonKingston
9University of CalgaryCalgary
10University of OttawaOttawa


Famous for its culture and community, Canada also excels in education. Computer science is one of the most sought-after programs in the country. It is cheaper to study in Canada with world-class institutes than in the USA and the UK. This all makes your return on investment (ROI) much better.