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Have you ever noticed how much time and effort is wasted when the working process isn’t organized at the top level? The lack of communication between various departments within the company or insufficient customer support is costly. For example, it has been estimated in Bain & Co research that even 5% in customer retention leads to revenue multiplication by 25%. And the stats presented by Salesforce shows that apps for customer support agents let increase this indicator by 26%. Thus, the mobile solutions developed for enterprise needs can impact revenue significantly.

These numbers can explain why 66% of businesses plan to expand their digital tools and make investments in enterprise app development within the next three years.

If you intend to accelerate business growth, perfectly organized communication between team members, customers, and support agents and complete business information organized in an analyzable way will be reliable bricks for success. All these specialties can be implemented by using technology for mobile app development.

If you want to get rid of the burdens of tedious and repetitive tasks and boost the workflows, the decision to implement enterprise app development can turn out to be a rewarding idea.

What an enterprise mobile app is

An enterprise mobile app can be defined as a digital product that the company developed for enhancing the work through integration, automation, systematization, and analysis of business information. Let’s imagine you’re a business owner of a large company that offers customers construction and installation works. You can develop an enterprise mobile app that helps with the intelligent distribution of workload among workers and agents and lets specialists working in the field connect with suppliers, sales managers, and support agents. This type of app can be referred to as a company-level app. It presupposes limitations in access to information for various employees depending on their roles.

You don’t have to spend time and money on different channels for communication and at the same time are able to keep the internal information secured.

If the hierarchy in access to information doesn’t matter, you can develop an employee-level app. This type of solution empowers employees to set the tasks and check their resolution, discuss working issues with each other, and to share updated plans and business analytics in order to take productivity to a better level. When dealing with specific issues, like sales, marketing or customer support, companies need department-level apps. They are aimed, for example, at faster customer issues resolution and better client engagement. Thanks to a personalized approach and in-built automation, enterprise app development enforces the company’s possibility to correspond users’ expectations in a progressive manner.

The purposeful enterprise app development rewards companies with better customer experience, and this fact can’t help impact profitability and business reputation.

For example, in Gartner’s research one of the clients who built a customer support app with Salesforce admits that this product thanks to automation helped their government organization to manage a 12 000% increase in customer cases caused by the pandemic.

Examples of enterprise apps

As you got it, enterprise apps are solutions that aren’t created for customers. They are designed for co-workers in order to improve the company’s efficiency in various aspects.

Salesforce enables using customized enterprise apps targeting the leverage of interaction between company and customers.

It offers a multi-faceted experience including wide opportunities for customer service agents, sales managers, marketers etc. Thanks to the smart tools, staff are empowered to resolve all the issues quickly and with less effort, enhancing customer experience and maintaining the company’s reputation at a high level.

ClickMeeting is popular for organizing big events in a remote format or for educational purposes. The platform lets companies hold multi-purposeful webinars and online training in order to keep all the company members interested in professional development, and update and transfer the company’s goals and strategies.

BambooHR is a solution aimed at easing workflows related to hiring new staff. It makes it possible to handle a huge scale of information about employees through systematization and automation, boosts the onboarding process, and provides gathering feedback for improvements in HR department work.

Why develop an enterprise app

The market offers an impressive array of digital tools to leverage for versatile goals. But the main achievements caused by the integration of enterprise apps are obvious.

Better communication

All the participants of the working process can discuss, set and track tasks quickly. All the updates are available in real-time. There’s no need in long negotiations through telephone calls and private messages. Add to this simple way to manage diversified information: you can keep, systemize and analyze all the data you need. To share documents with teammates is easy.

Better coordination

Enterprise app development is a steppingstone for efficiency in juggling workflows. All actual tasks are automatically routed to appropriate specialists or departments. This lets you get rid of excessive adjustments and time-wasting. The setting, tracking, and checking results is fast and convenient.

Better productivity

Through access to the company’s knowledge base and available help from co-workers, all teammates can cope with their tasks quicker and easier. All this impacts company agility and efficiency in a favorable way.

What features are essential for an enterprise app development

When you decide to consider an enterprise app development that perfectly fits your company’s needs, take into account the next features.

Data security

The internal information and documents you’re going to collect in the app should be unavailable for third parties. Their safety can be obtained via the implementation of two-factor authentication for entry in all accounts.

App maintenance

When your app needs definite updates or alterations, it’s necessary to have access to an experienced software development agency that is acknowledged with the technical specs and business requirements of your company. That lets you feel confident when dealing with any challenges your company can face.

API integration

Planning an enterprise app development, make sure the third-party services are available for integration. This will let you enrich solutions with in-demand features and significantly boost their functionality.


Willing to keep pace with modern requirements and innovations, take care of the opportunity to implement necessary changes on time. If the team you’ve chosen is conscious, the work of your app will be smooth and seamless.

Specifics of an enterprise app development

Facing the task of enterprise app development, focus your efforts on searching for a trustworthy contractor. Be meticulous, checking enterprise app development agency achievements. Assess their communication skills as well as portfolio, previous client reviews, and expert publications. Based on their professional experience, the qualified team will help you determine which technology fits your goals better. Multiplatform, perfectly designed visually and in structure, solutions can become a tangible advancement in your business evolution.

Regarding the type of the app, its complexity and scale of work, the development can take from a half of a year and more. As for prices, they are influenced by developers’ location, experience and qualifications. To make it clear, ask for quotes in various agencies and compare the esteems of your business task.

If you feel the company is reliable and the cost is fair, start communication to make sure you can entrust enterprise app development to these guys. In case you’re lucky with your choice, the solution will return your investment soon and with benefits.