Mesmerizing Sightseeing Experience in Dubai nexttrand.comMesmerizing Sightseeing Experience in Dubai

Dubai has been one of the most popular tourist destinations., and the one favorite among all.  A number of travelers come to visit new attractions and try new things or activities. People also visit with their families to enjoy the mesmerizing places of Dubai.  The azure blue seas, top attractions, shopping, cosmopolitan culture, etc., all made Dubai a top-listed destination place.

Dubai, a top emirate, is constantly adding new attractions for travelers to explore. All too exciting –  new places and new things will make your unforgettable sightseeing experience in Dubai. Read and find out the best attractions and plan your trip to the beautiful city. 

Things to Do in Dubai

Things to do in Dubai incorporate visits to Burj Khalifa, lake rides, sky diving, water park rides, BBQ dinner, hot air ballooning, etc. With the variety of best options, you must choose the best place in Dubai to avail the feel of all the amazing things in Dubai. Here is the list of the top things you should try in Dubai, with your friends or family.

Desert safari with BBQ dinner

Taking the tour on a safari adventure at Dubai’s deserts is the most famous thing to do in Dubai. Desert safari will bring the UAE authenticity and indicate the Arabian style. 

  1. You can be marveling the beautiful view here of sand dunes. Get a number of adventures, such as sandboarding and camel riding, during desert safari. 
  1. Take the stunning desert sunset photograph if you proceed to your camp in the evening.
  1. Delight in fantastic BBQ dinners, which are the most exciting activity mall. You can easily choose from the range of non-vegetarian and vegetarian eastern delicacies.
  1. Witness the dance performance,  live belly dancing show, and fire show when you are relaxing at the campsite after completing the desert safari.

Atlantis aqua venture water park tickets

You can enjoy the hair-raising experience while sliding through the ziplines and shark-filled lagoons.

  1. Dive into the fun-filled day with the attraction and record-breaking slides at the largest waterpark in the world.
  1. Take a break from your adventure and thrills and feel relaxed at the beautiful private beach of 700 meters. 
  1. You can get the chance here to meet with marine life. Here you can see over 65000 marine creatures. 
  1. You can also experience the adrenaline crush on the first twin racing tube rides in the world at aqua adventure.

At IMG world of adventure- Enjoy Rides. 

Treat yourself to adventures and rides to 4 themed zones at IMG world of adventure.

  1. Taste the cuisine at the many themed restaurants situated around this park.
  1. You can take pictures with marvel and cartoon network universe characters that tend to live in the IMG world of adventure. 
  1. You can explore the thrill and ride attractions at the dinosaur-themed zone park, IMG world of adventure. 

Go mall and shopping

After visiting all places and trying major things in Dubai, it is time to go shopping in the mall.  

  1. It is a great time to find the largest and biggest malls and markets in Dubai city. mall is the top favorite mall with big international brands like Armani, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, Burberry, Chanel, and many more.
  1. The best thing is Dubai has a wide range of shopping destinations. Riches would love to go shopping at the mall of emirates and mall. 
  1. Common people and travelers tend to stay longer at Dubai outlet malls. For another shopping experience, you can also visit the Mercato mall.
  1. It provides the ambiance and sight of the European renaissance.

Hot Air Balloon Dubai

The hot air balloon flight is so amazing that everyone should try it as soon as they can. Your journey will start with a quick pre-flight briefing before you board the balloon. Then you’re prepared to climb into the basket and soar through the air while taking in the breathtaking sights. 

The hot air balloon rides begin in the morning and last until the evening, offering you the fantastic opportunity to see the sunrise while in the air. For beautiful vistas, you can even take a ride before the sun sets. Enjoy the breeze on your face while admiring the beautiful scenery. Make sure you take plenty of photos since you’ll feel like you’re in a dream.

Places to Visit in Dubai

Dubai provides everything. sightseeing tour covers popular attractions such as Jumeirah beach, Jumeirah mosque, museum, mall of emirates, palm island, Burj khalifa, and many more. If you want to get feel like a kid again in your life, then the impressive theme parks in Dubai add great value. Here is the list of the top places you should visit during the Dubai tour.

Dubai Miracle Garden

No doubt, even regular visitors do not ignore visiting the Dubai miracle garden. It is the most visited tourist attraction. It is suggested to visit here, take the moment, deep breath, and explode the experience with excitement and fresh new energy. Dubai miracle garden is known as the largest flower garden in the world. This garden provides a visual treat to your eye with the millions of witness flowers. 

Dubai aquarium 

If you see the many popular places in Dubai, then you can tend towards the shopping centers, like Dubai mall. You can also awe at various marine creatures in the aquarium located in it. This place is considered the world’s largest aquarium. Aquarium has around 140 species of aquatic life. You can also see some toddlers here on a 48-meter-long walk with the tunnel. 

To get better experiences, you should try shark diving and cage snorkeling activities. It will really lead your unforgettable experiences. Another activity that may fit elders or leisure travelers is trying the glass bottom boat tours. 

Global village 

The global village is a famous tourist attraction in Dubai. During the nighttime, the whole village lights up in decorative and colorful bulbs. They provide a great ambiance. There is a variety of pavilions that provides cultural attractions. You can see the Egypt pavilion to purchase some antiquities and their traditional classes. You can also see the ethnic dresses from Pakistan and Indian pavilions here. 

Dubai museum 

Dubai museum has the oldest structure in Dubai. It is the top most destination to visit in Dubai and learn about history buff. The museum is in a convenient location inside the premises. 

At this place, you can understand Dubai’s evolution from a tiny deserted fishing village to one in a futuristic state. Here, you can see the artifacts and images of Bedouin life. You can learn about the sea’s importance before the oil discovery while visiting this place. There are many archeological findings appeared in the Dubai museum.