When it comes to owning a natural hair wig, there will come a time when the soft natural bouncy will wear off. This is because a human hair wig does not contain natural scalp oils to keep the hair regularly moisturized. However, this type of wig can usually last over a year if properly cared for. You are bound to be depressed by this situation when it happens. You spend a lot of money to buy your natural human hair wigs. You therefore want your purchase to last over time to make your investment profitable.

Care affects the durability. The more care and attention you give your wigs, the longer they will last. Despite this, even the highest quality lace wig will inevitably deteriorate over time. Since the hair does not grow naturally from the scalp, certain problems arise. But that doesn’t mean you can’t delay the inevitable. And the best way to start is to first know what causes a human hair wig to lose its natural soft bounce.

There are many factors that can cause this phenomenon

Human hair wigs will get dry because it is the human hair bundles with sewn closure. they cannot absorb water and oil from our scalp. The friction between the wig and the shoulders will also cause the best wigs to become dry and tangle. Prolonged hair dehydration and poor maintenance will cause fragile hair to fall out.

Environmental and external factors also cause hair damage:

Poor hair quality

Quality is the major factor causing the shedding and tangling of cheap human hair wigs. High quality wigs reduce the risk of hair loss and tangling when worn. The amount of shed and tangled hair will be large if you choose poor-quality human hair wigs.

Lack of natural oils

The hair does not grow from the scalp, so it loses its natural oil. Hair that loses its natural oils will slowly dry out and tangle.

Lack of moisture and hair care

Always moisturize your hair if you tend to tangle it. Lack of moisture in your mane leads to weakening of your locks and an increase in split ends and matted hair. Hair care is very important to extend the life of wigs for women. The more care you treat human hair wigs, the longer they will last. Care is especially important for curly human hair wigs, blonde human hair wigs and long human hair wigs.

Excess bleaching and dyeing your wig

Styling human hair wigs too rich in harmful chemical components will damage the hair cuticle and protective layer.

Exposure to hard water

Exposure to hard water can cause damaged hair extensions to become dry or fade. Unhealthy contact with water can make your best wigs dry and brittle.

Prolonged exposure to the sun

Long periods of direct exposure to the sun damage the hair cuticle, weaken the protective layer of the hair, and thus weaken the wigs.

Exposure to chlorine

Exposure to chlorine can also make hair extensions unmanageable.

Exposure to seawater

Exposure to seawater can damage hair extensions in the same way as hard water and chlorine. For more information about the contact between the different waters and your hair, do not hesitate to read some articles explaining whether you can bathe with a wig.

Damaged cuticle

Damage to the cuticle can lead to tangling and dryness of hair. The healthy cuticle is smooth and closed. While the damaged cuticle is opened and wraps around others resulting in hair tangling.

Not washing your hair properly

Normally human hair wigs are washed once a month. Wash your wig with a mild, natural shampoo that does not contain sulfates or benzoates. Use a shampoo but also a conditioner for washing your hair.

Use your towel vigorously

Use a towel to absorb moisture above the forelock and do not wring while rubbing forcefully. As mentioned above, there are other considerations. The following can also cause wigs to dry out and tangle:

Without reasonable maintenance of wigs, they will eventually tangle.

Harsh and extreme weather conditions can change any human hair.

You sleep with your hair down.

The hair is super thick so can be prone to tangling.

Longer hair tends to tangle, so it helps to cut it in multiple layers.

Hair extensions are dry or damaged and can become brittle.

Do not rub your hair together while drying it.

Don’t over-hydrate your hair, product buildup can cause tangles.

After all, all these factors act to some extent, thus affecting the quality of the hair. Hopefully, by reading this article you can understand the factors that cause wig damage and avoid them. And most importantly, make sure you only buy your wig from a trusted provider like Kameymall. Thanks for reading and have a great day!