Reggie Bush: The Tarnished NFL Star Challenges

Atlanta Hawks point guard Trae Old took a page from Draymond Reggie Bush and called out Skip Bayless, “Undisputed” host, in a tweet. Bayless tweeted Monday that he was discussing why trading for Dejounte was an indictment against Trae Young on his FS1 show. Young replied by tweeting Bayless, “#NewMedia >> Real/Old Media.. or whatever name you want to give yourself,” with a laughing Emoji. Atlanta purchased Murray from the Spurs last Tuesday for three first-round draft picks and forward Danilo Gallinari. In the deal, the Hawks also purchased center Jock Landale.

Green frequently mentions Young’s “new media” reference on his podcast, and after Warriors games at the podium. Although it’s not clear who or what the “new media” is, Green seems to use the term in order to distinguish podcasts and platforms of athletes from mainstream media. In a tweet, Bayless described Green’s podcast last Monday as “new media”. Young reacted to Bayless’ comments that the host of “Undisputed” had said the All-Star point guard “can become a defensive liability” in response to tweets about the Murray trade.

“The Hawks paid a high price (Gallinari [sic] & THREE firsts for Dejounte, only 25 years old, who made the All-Star roster & averaged an under-radar 21/2/8 w 2 steals,” Bayless posted on Twitter at the time the trade was first reported. “Tells how worried the Hawks are over Trae Young, who was the NBA’s leader in turnovers and can be considered a defensive liability. Young expressed his excitement at teaming up with Murray in the backcourt. He wrote last week in a tweet, “Let’s get busy, my Brotha,”

Last season, Murray averaged 21.1 points and 8.3 rebounds per game. Murray’s current $64 million four-year deal will expire in 2024. According to reports, the Knicks were interested in Murray before he signed with the Hawks. Bayless wasn’t the only one to criticize Young. Bayless stated that believed LaMelo would have a better job than Young back in April. Young’s height was also criticized by Bayless, who called the Oklahoma product “Mice Trae”, a play on Young’s “Ice Trae” nickname.

Reggie Bush is the only thing I can give right now. Skip Bayless has a knack for pushing people’s buttons. Skip is quick to draw the attention of viewers who are enraged by his often absurd comments on ESPN. Bush has taken the joke to another level. The New Orleans Saints running back has already attracted too much attention by “joking around regarding the lockout, and the joy he’s getting from his time off. He went one step further today. It’s not what he was tweeting but the timing of it. He skipped player-organized exercises due to uncertainty about his roster spot. Bush’s famous tweet, “It was fun New Orleans …” on the night another Heisman running back, Mark Ingram was drafted by the Saints” is a well-known example.

After Skip had said that Bush’s play wasn’t strong enough for him to express his thoughts the way he wants, Bush responded in a Twitter rant. It went like this: We just saw Reggie Bush, 26, challenge Skip Bayless, 59, to a “1-on-1 full gear and full contact” match. There was also a full conditioning drill and weight lifting. I wonder how much better Reggie feels right now. He also has support. Steve Smith, a former USC teammate, is currently a New York Giant. While I have no problem with Smith supporting his boy, Bush is losing control of his emotions at this point. They both need to recognize that they aren’t the only ones who have jobs in this world, no matter what their job title is. They have the opportunity to be able to make a living playing a sport, but that also comes with a lot of responsibility and exposure.

Skip Bayless is responsible for this task. He is supposed to look at the players on the court, field, or rink, and be rude about it. Reggie is just another unfortunate incident. He hears everyone talk about Reggie making too much money and about his never living up to the No. Reggie’s 2nd overall selection, his exploiting of USC, and so on. He was clearly angry, frustrated, and obviously upset. So he decided to challenge a 59-year-old man to full contact drills. Although Skip is entitled to a good smack in his mouth (possibly two), Bush isn’t in the position to give it. Reggie should put down the iPad, cell phone, and computer and see when Drew Brees will be bringing the Saints together again.

He should get on the field to prove that he is not a jerk. He doesn’t seem to care about it at all. Prepare for a Twitter feud. This feud is far from over. Skip Bayless, a daytime sports commentator, has made public hating on LeBron Jam a part of his daily life. He didn’t miss an opportunity to criticize LeBron on a night when the Lakers were not even playing. Bayless tweeted praise for Kevin Durant’s win against the Raptors at Barclays Center. Durant ended the game with a triple-double, scoring 34 points, 13 boards, and 11 assists in 48 minutes. The Nets were forced to play just eight players because of safety and health protocols.

Bayless was applauding Durant, but Durant didn’t seem to appreciate Bayless making James’ tweet an attack. This is the fourth consecutive postseason missed by LeBron in his 19-year-old professional career. In his career, the Lakers star has been to the NBA Finals ten times, eight of them consecutively. LBJ won four championships during this time and was named Finals MVP every time.

The 2021-22 season was one of those seasons in which James did not make the playoffs. The King had a turbulent year. He played his best basketball at 37 years old and passed several milestones. But, this was not the case for his team LA Lakers. This season was filled with controversy for the purple and gold team, including the Russell Westbrook deal, the veteran roster, Anthony Davis’ injury-prone nature, and the recent departure of Frank Vogel as head coach.

James tweeted a warning to his followers that he will never miss the playoffs as the playoffs heat up. NBA Twitter was astonished by the declaration of the four-time champion.

NBA Twitter responds to LeBron James’ claim that he has never missed the playoffs again.

The Lakers’ 2021-22 season was a disappointing one. They even failed to qualify for play in the tournament. James and his team were 16 games below +500. He took to Twitter to vent his frustration at the loss of the face of the league during the postseason.