If you’ve been binge-watching the Paramount Network’s Yellowstone in recent times, you’re probably one of those viewers who was intrigued by the card that was the show’s title at the conclusion of Season 2. The second season was dedicated to Melanie Olmstead. If you’re wondering if this person might be on the show’s staff or the cast then look no further because we’ve got you covered.

The moment Yellowstone‘s Season 2 final episode aired on TV, it’s no surprise that a large part of the audience was keen to take to social media to get more information about the person who was a key player in the production. It was revealed the fact that Melanie Olmstead worked in Yellowstone as the leader for transportation and location.

With a rich history in the world of television and movies, She’s been working since 2000 performing on set (as an assistant driver and location Assistant) for popular television shows such as Hereditary, Good Joe Bell, Point Break, John Carter, 12 Dogs of Christmas Great Puppy Rescue Jackie & Ryan, Wind River, Snatchers, Andi Mack and many more. Her work is an under-appreciated aspect of television production and it’s a pleasure to watch Yellowstone’s team Yellowstone offer this appreciation to her.

The production background of Hollywood films and television shows is a very demanding job and, with over twenty years of experience in the industry, Melanie (a location lead) was definitely among the very few individuals competent enough to do that task.

Melanie Olmstead (raised by her adoptive mother and father Janet Corbridge and Reid Howard) was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, and spent the majority of her time there. It was a good coincidence that this show was also filmed in Salt Lake City, making her work in Yellowstone very special for Melanie since her experience was satisfying for her as an individual and as an animal lover, to be as a to this Yellowstone journey.

However, Yellowstone (which includes Kevin Costner as John Dutton, Wes Bentley as Jamie Dutton, Kelly Reilly as Beth Dutton, Luke Grimes as Kayce Dutton, Cole Hauser as Rip Wheeler, and Kelsey Abille in the role of Monica) is expected to take place in the same region as that of the Yellowstone national park. However, there was no location for filming that was logistically pleasing for the crew and cast. Therefore, it was decided to select a locale like Salt Lake City. It proved to be an excellent choice for the show since Utah was a location that Melanie Olmstead was already super familiar with.

The connection she had to the casting and crew was a bond that they had in common. It is evident in their personal tributes to her. In the episode titled Sins of the Father the phrase “In memory of Melanie Olmstead 1968-2019” first was heard.

But, Melanie was pronounced dead at 50 after two years of battle with cancer (the official reason for her death). She died in her house located in Salt Lake City while in the company of her family members and her wife, Annalise Ford — shortly before the premiere season 2 of Yellowstone Season 2.

Her influence and legacy are one that has created an influential presence for every person in Yellowstone. Yellowstone staff and the cast. Her experiences in Utah and her passion for wild animals (including wild horses) are certain to have been an influence on how the show depicts characters, as well as the way Melanie was involved in her transportation and logistics for location.

Speaking about her love for the horses she had Melanie has shared a picture of her mare, Mahogany, on her personal Facebook page: “My love affair with horses started around the time I started to walk, however, I didn’t have my first “just my own” animal until after I became an adult. This gorgeous, incredible girl has been my companion since I was in college, and just recently was celebrating her 37th birthday. For my non-horsey friends. That’s over 100 years in human years and she’s still doing well. !”

In Hollywood, it’s commonplace to overlook or minimize the impact of production teams and behind-the-scenes crew members on the set of films as well as in public. So it’s refreshing to observe the fact that Yellowstone will be ready to show a clear spirit of unity and appreciation for the work that brings an idea to life.

Melanie Olmstead’s relatives, friends members, and friends were gathered on the 30th of July to commemorate her life. They took a ride on horses in the morning in memory of their dear friend. “The celebration of Melanie Olmstead was amazing! Artists, writers, and horsewomen from all walks of life joined together,” one person wrote about the celebration. “My heart is still broken.”

In that regard, Melanie Olmstead’s tragic death and life are now immortalized within the heart of Yellowstone fans and crew members too.