The name of an entrepreneur and co-founder of Digital Kings Ramneek Sidhu started being talked about on social media over the last few days. Find out more about him.

Internet users become viral due to a variety of reasons today and it’s not long for others to post videos and blog blogs about them.


Ramneek Sidhu is a 26-year-old businessman born in Mohali, Punjab.

He is the creator of the company Digital Kings, a digital marketing and advertising business that is working with Bollywood actors as well as famous people from Hollywood as well as musicians.

Ramneek’s company’s mission is to sustain and enhance its social media profile of clients as well as aid them in the growth of their Instagram or YouTube accounts.

According to their Instagram account, they provide branding, web design and film promotions as well as other services.


As per the information on his LinkedIn page, the profile says that he completed his BTech in Computer Science at Rayat and Bahra Group of Institutes.

He was Director of Digital in a different firm between 2013 and 2016, before taking the plunge and launching his own business.

Ramneek created Digital Kings in June 2016 according to his bio.

The reason he’s popular right now is due to the recognition he has received thanks to a variety of YouTube videos that give more details about his professional life and his work.


Ramneek has amassed a staggering following which is 303k fans on his own Instagram and it’s not hard to figure out how his name is going to the top of the list.

From the look on his page, he’s situated in Dubai all the time, however, he is often in South Korea and Russia for different reasons.

who are Ramneek Sidhu? How did he come up with Digital Kings? — Wiki & More

In recent times the name of the entrepreneur along with Digital Kings founder Ramneek Sidhu is popular on social media. Here are more details about him.

The name Ramneek Sidhu has been gaining popularity recently however, who is the person he is?

Who is Ramneek SIDHU?

Ramneek Sidhu, 26, is a businessman who hails from Mohali, Punjab. He is the creator of Digital Kings. Digital Kings.

Digital Kings is a digital marketing and advertising company that collaborates in partnership with Bollywood performers, Hollywood celebrities, and musicians.

Ramneek’s company’s goal is to increase and keep its clients’ presence on social networks and also to assist to increase your YouTube or Instagram accounts.

According to their Instagram page, the company offers services that include branding web design, branding, and movie promotion in addition to other services.

The motivation behind his journey

Ramneek As a child I was exposed to different entrepreneurs, including Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos as well as Mark Zuckerberg. He was in complete confusion prior to starting his journey into Digital Marketing However, the drive and motivation that he got from watching Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos along with Mark Zuckerberg enabled him to overcome his insanity. In addition, he interacts in a way that is enthralling to many individuals, including famous people, and transforms their conversations into lucrative deals.

Ramneek’s story as an Entrepreneur

He is the person behind the top-quality Digital Marketing firm “Digital Kings,” which has quickly gained a reputation as one of the most prestigious Digital Marketing firms. The company that he founded launched the company on his journey to entrepreneurship which has not been a stop since. The company of Ramneek worked with companies and individuals that were closing to assist them in bouncing back and getting back up to where they belong. Ramneek was able to create a huge network of social media platforms like Facebook as well as Instagram. Although he was adept in the digital realm and gaining knowledge, he was never done studying and accumulating information, and his drive to discover is growing.

Digital Kings

Sidhu established Digital Kings in 2015, at the age of twenty which is a time for many teenagers who are trying to figure out what they’d like to do in their lives. Despite having a lot of things on his to do in 2015, and still pursuing his BTech at the Rayat Bahra Institute of Engineering and Biotechnology in Mohali, Punjab, he took the time to pursue his interests by starting his own digital marketing company. The film’s premise is to manage social media platforms, with a particular focus on YouTube and Instagram, and other platforms. Another of his goals was to aid accounts that had expired in regaining their position at the top of their game by using an ingenious concept.

Digital Kings quickly grew to higher levels. Within only a few months it was one of the most renowned digital marketing firms! The amount of success achieved through Digital Kings is truly astounding. The company is known for its management of a number of high-profile celebrity accounts, including the accounts that of Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities. Ramneek Sidhu has offices in India and Dubai and plans to establish offices in Canada.

With so many digital marketing companies to pick from What made Sidhu get to this level of success? One of Sidhu’s best-known traits is that he has an enthralling vision of the future and is able to pursue it with enthusiasm. The man is determined to accomplish all his goals and is known to spend a considerable amount of time studying market trends as well as identifying possible issues and then conceiving new solutions to the problems.

Because of this, it is believed that he is an inspiration for many entrepreneurs who are aspiring.

Ramneek’s successful mantra?

Ramneek Sidhu had a clear idea of how to succeed. According to Ramneek Sidhu, to succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to have extraordinary skills and perseverance, as well as determination and a strong desire to discover more. The qualities listed are interconnected. The inability can be caused by an absence of any of these. According to Ramneek, new skills can only be achieved only if you possess a strong desire to master them. You should be confident enough to share your thoughts. In order to be a successful business owner is to be willing to risk your life. For instance, if, example, you learn a new skill, but do not use it, what’s the worth of this ability?

To become a successful entrepreneur, you need to test your abilities. Ramneek claims that you will require more perseverance to reach your goals. Most times the people are just two steps from their goal and they panic, leading to abandoning. To succeed you need to keep your focus and perseverance. This is the quality of a successful entrepreneur, which everybody lacks.

Ramneek Sidhu is a role example for youngsters who want to be like him. When he was a kid Ramneek has become an inspiration to many youngsters. But, he says his path will never come to a halt. His sharp intellect and impressive capabilities keep him at the highest level. After achieving the highest level of success, he is determined to push himself to be the best. It is safe to say that his determination will help him succeed no matter how challenging his path becomes.

who are you? Ramneek Sidhu?
Ramneek is the Founder of Digital Kings

who is the parent company of Digital Kings?
The owner of Digital Kings is Ramneek. of Digital Kings. Digital Kings

What is the height of Ramneek Sidhu?
Ramneek is 5 feet 11 inches tall.

What is the weight of Ramneek Sidhu?
Ramneek weighs 67 kg. weight.

How old is Ramneek sidhu?
Ramneek was born in the year 27. old(as of 2022)

What is Ramneek’s zodiac sign?
Ramneek’s zodiac signs are Capricorn

What isRamneek Sidhu’s worth?
Ramneek is worth $ 3 million worth

Where isRamneek Sidhu where is he?
Ramneek originates born in Mohali, Punjab

What year was Ramneek Sidhu born?
Ramneek was born on January 2, 1995.

What is the nationality of Ramneek Sidhu?
Ramneek is American