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There is a wide variety of human hair available in the market and you will be surprised to see different types, styles and colors available. If you are planning to attend a party and do not know which style to choose for your hair, the easiest way is to buy a high quality human hair wig.

If you’re on a budget, you can opt for a synthetic wig, but it lacks aesthetic appeal. Therefore, it is better to buy a high quality human hair wig so that you can look attractive and gorgeous wherever you go. No one denies the fact that human hair looks natural and makes it feel like real hair.

The human hair wigs are claimed to be made of one hundred percent healthy human hair and this is the factor that makes them all real. It becomes difficult to distinguish if a person is wearing a wig or if it is their natural hair. You will be surprised to see the multi-dimensional tones and tints available in human hair that are not available in synthetic hair.

Whether you want to wear this wig indoors or outdoors, the human hair wig will maintain its natural tone and appearance in any type of lighting. Overall, natural human wigs tend to be softer than synthetic ones. Synthetic wigs are affordable, but they look like fiber and are arguably man-made. Item wigs have thick and stiff strands compared to naturalhair wig.

Thanks to the technological advancements of the last few years synthetic hair has become very popular. They attract a large clientele thanks to their attractive price. However, if you want to get a more natural look, the human hair wig is still the best choice to make.

And even in some cases it is very difficult to recognize synthetic from natural human hair. Especially when it is mixed with natural hair. It is even difficult to tell them apart with the naked eye without testing it first.

We will give you some tips to help you distinguish between human hair and synthetic hair.

synthetic wig

They are made from fibers so are not heat resistant. So you can’t style them with straightening and curling irons. The first test to be carried out is therefore the heat test. Indeed, if you start to straighten your wig and a strong smoke is released as well as a slight smell of melted plastic. So there is a good chance that your wig has synthetic fibers.

 You can’t dye them either.

Also, after styling your synthetic hair, it is often dry and brittle.

The brushing of synthetic and mixed wigs is difficult because the hair is rather rigid.

The tips are rough and deteriorate quickly.

Their lifespan is short. They are sensitive to conditions such as air humidity, temperature or exposure to the sun.

human hair wig

You can heat them (curly or straighten), color, style and wash as you like. You can treat them exactly like your natural hair, which makes them truly more malleable.

Hair feels soft when you touch the ends and is easy to brush through the entire length.

When you wet them they always remain shiny, silky and soft. You will not find any knots and the hair does not break on contact with water or other elements.

Here, maintenance is essential in order to regain these characteristics. The care you give it is identical to that you give to your natural hair: classic shampoo and conditioner, then styling with a large comb.

Indeed, without proper care, even the most beautiful natural hair wig will eventually look like a synthetic wig (dry, dull hair, difficult to comb). You can buy high quality ones from Kameymall.

In conclusion

In general, extensions and wigs made from natural hair have many more advantages than synthetic. The main quality of human hair is that it truly offers the most natural look possible. To avoid scams, do not hesitate to ask where the locks come from. If the seller answers “Brazilian” or “Peruvian”, it means that he is not being honest with you. Brazilian weaving as such is a marketing designation. Human hair comes mainly from Asia with a strong dominance of Indian hair.

The price is also a good indicator of the quality of the hair you are buying. Ask where the hair is coming from and if it is 100% human, unblended and virgin. Indeed, there are many names of products that can be confusing like Brazilian Yaki strands but which are actually mixed with synthetic hair.

Oshun raw hair is 100% Vietnamese human hair. The hair is 100% virgin, that is to say a hair that does not contain any treatment or chemicals to change its appearance or texture. A pure brown hair. It is also 100% remy hair which means it has no tangles, all the hair is in the same direction from root to tip. In terms of quality, we offer you the best on the market.