In the United Arab Emirates, a notary public must always properly notarise affidavits. When you get a document notarized, you affirm that the information included in it is accurate. 

A document must be signed in front of a notary public, who will notarize it in Dubai or anywhere else in the United Arab Emirates. The paper will be notarized by a public notary in the United Arab Emirates, who will sign it.

Public notaries in Dubai and the other emirates notarize written declarations known as affidavits. An affidavit may be utilized if you must submit a formal statement to an individual or the local courts but cannot testify in person. 

Affidavits may be readily prepared, particularly with the assistance of a professional, but they still need specific details to be included.

What is an Affidavit? 

Contrary to a contractual arrangement used regularly and for various purposes, many people need clarification on what an affidavit is exactly. You have previously executed an affidavit at some time in your life.

An affidavit is a verbal or, in writing, sworn declaration of truth by a deponent or affiant underneath an oath or affirmation delivered by a legally qualified person. A taker of oaths, like a notary public, witnesses a declaration as to the veracity of the affiant’s signature. 

1. Affidavit Notarization Procedure in Dubai

To have a notarized affidavit by a public notary in the UAE, follow the following steps:

Take an unsigned affidavit to a Dubai/UAE public notary.

Ensure that no one has already signed the affidavit. The governing authorities restrict public notaries from accepting any signed document without the notary’s presence and witnessing it. 

Remember to provide the required identification documents so that the public notary in Dubai may verify your identity. The identity document has to be current and valid. Passports, Emirates IDs, and driver’s licenses are often recognized papers. The notary shall use discretion in cases where clients’ identification papers were destroyed by fire or water.

2. Submitting a request for notarization

Fill out the form to request the aid of your selected notary public after you have finished your affidavit for the UAE document notarial process. Remember that public notaries in the UAE will only honor complete requests. They will also check your affidavit for any blank spaces. You may also set up a session with a public notary in Dubai to ensure someone can manage your request.

3. A notary public examines papers

A notary public verifies the signatory’s identification based on the supporting documents. It is feasible to arrange for a notary public to draught a document for you, particularly for affidavits. You will sign it for your appointment to get the affidavit notarized in Dubai.

4. Affidavit’s signature

If your paperwork is in order and meets the requirements for notarization, the public notary will require you to sign the affidavit. The Dubai public notary will observe the transaction to ascertain if you are signing under the influence or under duress. The procedure will be terminated if the public notary feels that another individual or group is coercing you into signing the document against your will.

5. Notary public seal and stamp

After reviewing and acknowledging the affidavit, the notary will record the transaction in the official notebook. The public notary’s registry will record the notarization of the affidavit in Dubai and details like the location and time. Also, a public notary will stamp or attach the official public seal to your affidavit. As a consequence, your affidavit has now been notarized.

6. Payment to the notary public

The purpose of the affidavit and the location where the document is being notarized will decide the notarial fees. Competent public notaries in Dubai often provide movable notary services, so you will not have to go to their offices.

What circumstances in Dubai call for a notarized affidavit?

Notarized affidavits are necessary for specific circumstances in the United Arab Emirates. A notarized financial affidavit is required following UAE family law as a requirement for a discovery procedure. However, it differs from written affidavits, which are statements of fact in that they are less formal.

Certifying receipt of legal papers

To prepare an official written statement to be read during your testimony in court

A debtor’s death or injury should be reported to any third party, such as a creditor,

Giving notice of a change in circumstances to a person, such as a spouse, during.

To confirm your residence

An affidavit must be notarized in the United Arab Emirates in order for it to be regarded by the judicial system as legitimate and lawful. Call professional notarization staff at Notary Public Dubai immediately to ensure you complete the procedure correctly. Call Notary Public Dubai right now if you want to learn more about document notarization in Dubai.