Car Need an Extended Warranty

Extended warranties might be an optional addition, but many people rely on them anyway for a multitude of different reasons. There can be plenty of times where having an extended warranty is the smarter option and even a few cases where it might be downright necessary.

But what does a car extended warranty actually offer, and why might it be the right choice for you?

The Benefits

It’s important to remember that nobody wants to use their extended warranty. Warranties only come into effect if something goes wrong with a vehicle, so under ideal circumstances, you’ll never have to actually rely on your warranty.

However, in real life, there can be a lot of reasons for a car to simply stop being usable. Whether it’s a crash, a broken component, a poorly-chosen purchase, or some other reason entirely, you’ll want a way to ensure that you can still get some help if your car isn’t operating correctly.


Like any other insurance policy, your warranty ensures that you can get some kind of support if your car breaks down or suffers a massive failure. If you don’t have a lot of emergency money laying around, then getting hit with a sudden £600 repair job can be a huge blow to you and your family.


An extended warranty extends the “safety net” that you have, keeping your car protected for longer. Since most vehicle faults tend to happen after a lot of frequent use, this can protect you at points where your car is more likely to develop problems, something that a normal warranty won’t always do.


If you’re used to having your warranty, then getting an extended one under the same basic terms ensures that you don’t need to learn an entirely new legal agreement with a new third party. It basically allows you to maintain the status quo of protecting your car, minimizing the stress of having to get more insurance somewhere else.

How Much Does It Matter?

While many people may overlook the idea of an extended car warranty or consider it a waste of money, it can actually be an incredibly important investment for people who are reliant on their vehicles. The more your car matters to you, the more urgent an extended warranty can be.

This is because an extended warranty protects your car for much longer, increasing the chance of it covering a fault that you would have otherwise missed. Many people rely on their cars to get to work, visit family, and generally handle day-to-day life, so losing it can be a major personal and financial blow.People who can’t afford full repairs may prefer to use a car warranty instead. While it does mean paying money for months where your car doesn’t suffer any faults, it also provides a kind of financial protection that you otherwise wouldn’t have, which can be vital if your car is a necessary tool for you to work and bring in more money.