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Do you want to get the information about the Demat account? If yes, read the complete article and tills it ends for better understanding. A Demat account is an account that helps the stock investors to hold the shares in the digital format. It also maintains records of all transactions in stock trading and its funds. Read the following factors to get more information about the Demat account. It will increase your knowledge of the Demat account.

What do you mean by the Demat?

In the traditional system, the shares were held in the physical form, which was difficult to store and transfer. Then the concept of a Demat account came to overcome this situation of holding the physical shares. Demat or dematerialization is converting trading shares or funds into digital form. Holding shares or funds in the Demat account is easy to maintain and access if required. It is feasible for investors to hold their shares with the help of a Demat account. For an investor who wants to maintain their shares in digital form rather than physical then Demat account is a best option. 

How to get a Demat account?

If you want to open a Demat account, you need to take the help of a broker or trading agent. To open the Demat account, you have to do an online process in a very few minutes. Consider the below steps to open the Demat account.

· Open the opening form of the account

· You need to fill in your name, address, contact number, email ID, etc. 

· You have to add bank details here

· Now scan and upload the KYC documents for identity proof

· Now you have to record your short clip to verify you are in this process

· Now link the E sign form with your Aadhar ID or contact number

· Finally, you get the confirmation message about your account opening after applying successfully. 

Which documents are required to open the Demat account?

We would like to tell you about the documents required for the Demat account that you must submit to make your application successful. Consider the following documents if you want to apply to open the Demat account.

· You have your own PAN Card as the identity proof to fill the application form for the Demat account

· Passbook of your bank account

· Income certification

· Bank account statements of last 3 months

· Address residency proof

· Passport size photos


A Demat account is necessary for the stock market. We can conclude from the above factors that the Demat account holds the investor shares in the digital form. Demat account works best as comparing to the other accounts. Maintaining and retrieving money via the Demat account will be done in very easy steps. This is the 100% legal process to open the Demat account. Share this article among others to spread the information on the Demat account.