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Carnegie Mellon University offers an MBA program in association with the Tepper School of Business. It is a STEM-designated program that delivers analytical and leadership skills. There are some more options you will have if you are applying for MBA Program in the USA. 

The highlights of the program are:

  1. STEM Designated Program
  2. Summer Internship
  3. Intensive and competitive curriculum
  4. Twenty-One-month duration
  5. Career Development Services
  6. Financial Aid
  7. Great Returns on Investment

Class Profile

The size of the class was 231. 34/students were international students, 21/ students were women, 44/ students were US Minorities and 12/ students were underrepresented minorities. The average GMAT score of the class was 691 and the median GMAT score was 700. The average GPA of the class was 3.35 and the median GPA was 3.36. The undergraduate background of the students was in economics, social science, business, arts, and engineering. 


The curriculum of the MBA program is a blend of business foundations, electives, and co-curricular programs. The business foundations offered by the program are- probability and statistics, management presentations, financial and management accounting, corporate strategy, managerial economics, optimization, marketing management, finance, operations management, statistical decision-making, managing networks and organizations, and ethics and leadership.

The MBA Program tracks are- business analytics, energy business, entrepreneurship, management of innovation and product development, and technology strategy and product management.

The highlights of the curriculum are:

  1. Capstone Projects
  2. Base Camp Orientation Program
  3. Experience Week
  4. Co-curricular activities

Cost of the Program

The cost of a Full-Time MBA program is $101,922. The cost includes two-year tuition fees, university fees, health insurance, accommodation charges, stationery charges, and transportation costs. 

Financial Aid

The university provides scholarships and fellowships to full-time and part-time MBA programs. The scholarships provided are- Tepper MBA Scholarship, Tepper Part-Time MBA Employer Matching Scholarship, and Tepper School Forte Scholarship.

The fellowships provided by the university are- Tepper School Forte Scholarship, Tepper School Consortium Fellowship, Tepper School Yellow Ribbon, and Tepper School Reaching Out Fellowship. 

The application requirements are:

  1. Competed online Application form
  2. Current Resume
  3. One essay
  4. Unofficial Transcripts
  5. GMAT/GRE scores
  6. Application Fee
  7. IELTS/TOEFL score
  8. Professional Recommendation

MBA Application Instructions

The resume must provide your educational history and professional achievements. Students have to upload a copy of their resumes. 

Students have to upload all the undergraduate and graduate program transcripts they have attended. Details such as degree name, degree conferral date, and grading scale must be clearly visible. 

The letter of recommendation must come from someone who knows your professional capabilities and growth. All the supporting documents must be uploaded online in the prescribed format and size.

Application Deadlines

The application process has four deadlines. The first deadline is in October, the second deadline is in January, the third deadline is in March and the last deadline is in April. 

Employment Statistics

The university organized 270 Master Career Center Sponsored Events. The program ranked eighth for students’ assessment of career services and alumni’s assessment of career services. 

The mean annual salary is $134,847 and the median annual salary is $134,000. The mean salary for consulting services was $143,125 and the mean salary for financial services was $128,833. The leading recruiting sectors were consulting, finance, general management, marketing, operations, and technology. The leading recruiters were Amazon, Citigroup, Wells Fargo & Company, Deloitte, Kearney, Microsoft, Walmart, Honeywell, and Philips. 

Career Services

The career services offered by the university are- industry expertise, job-specific coaching, proven techniques, recruiter relationships, and skill development. 


The Carnegie Mellon University MBA program has an unrivaled focus on leadership development and analytical decision-making. The program prepares you for an intelligent future that is innovative, inclusive, adaptive, and collaborative. The MBA program collaborates with leadership and management. These skills help you to face complex problems and situations effortlessly.