Master of Product Management 2023

Carnegie Mellon University offers an MS in Product Management. It is a full-time, one-year program. During the program equipped with technology, leadership, managerial, and design skills. Try MBA in the USA if you want to know more.  

The highlights of the program are:

  1. Interdisciplinary approach
  2. Experiential learning
  3. Capstone projects
  4. Internships
  5. Experienced faculty
  6. Short and intensive duration
  7. Leadership Program

Class Profile

The average work experience of the class is 6.8 years. The GMAT score of the class is 690-740. 47/ students are female. The professional background of the students in engineering, product management, finance, technology, robotics, research and development, consulting, and analytics. You can choose from several MBA Specializations to get the perfect one for you. 


The curriculum of the program is taught by three premium institutions. The design component and faculty are the most important components of the curriculum. The curriculum consists of business core fundamentals, internships, capstone projects, and electives. 

The programs offered are- Business Fundamentals for High Tech, Digital Service Innovation, Service Design for Product Management, Design of Artificial Intelligence Products, Principles of Product Management, Business Communications, Managing People and Team, Product Marketing, Data Science for Product Managers, HCI for Product Managers, Digital Services Innovation, Service Design for Product Management, and Principles of Product Management.

The highlights of the curriculum are:

  1. Professional and Personal Coaching
  2. Accelerated Leadership Program
  3. Real-world Internships
  4. In-class Projects
  5. Large-scale Capstone Projects
  6. Application Requirements and Deadlines

The admission committee reviews your application holistically. The admission process is very competitive and intense. The application aspects reviewed by the committee are- goals, background, and accomplishments. 

The application requirements are:

  1. Online Application
  2. Current Resume
  3. Essays
  4. Two professional Recommendations
  5. Unofficial Academic transcripts
  6. TOEFL/IELTS score
  7. GMAT/GRE scores
  8. Application fee
  9. Undergraduate degree
  10. Application Instructions

The resume must be up-to-date and contain education and professional achievements. The details mentioned in the resume must be exact and accurate. The resume must not exceed two pages. You must upload transcripts of undergraduate and graduate programs. Details such as degree name, degree conferral date, and grades must be visible. 

The letters of recommendation must come from someone who knows you professionally. They must be capable of evaluating your professional career and capabilities. The essays must be precise, clear, and concise. Essays must be realistic and original. 

Application Deadlines

The application has three deadlines. The first deadline is in June, the second deadline is in July and the last deadline is in August.

The education requirements of the program are:

  1. Four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent
  2. Good knowledge of calculus and linear algebra
  3. Basic knowledge of statistical concepts and methods
  4. Basic programming knowledge in any modern language
  5. Plausible Career Options
  6. Education Requirements

The roles offered to Product Management students are:

  1. Product Manager
  2. Technical Product Manager
  3. Senior Product Management
  4. Salary and top hiring companies

The median base salary of the class is $144,000. The leading hiring companies are- Microsoft, Ford, PayPal, EY, Walmart, Dell, HP, Cisco, Indeed, Wepay, Facebook, and HBO Max.

Career Services

The university provides personalized coaching for job seekers. The counselor assesses the academic profile of the candidates and suggests ways to differentiate from the crowd. They provide powerful insights to boost candidates’ resumes and cover letters. 

The counselors prepare students for personal interviews and coach them to identify potential employers and industries.

The roles and duties of product managers are:

  1. Empathize with customers
  2. Lead cross-functional teams
  3. Deliver business value
  4. Product Managers Roles and Duties

Cost of Program

The cost of the program is $48,914. The costs include tuition fees, university fees, health insurance, accommodation charges, stationery costs, and transportation costs. 


Product Management provides directions and insights into what customers and markets demand from an organization. They manage organizations and people. Product Managers promote innovation, analysis, and development of services and products.