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Property security is crucial for both building owners and renters in Chicago. However, the question of whether or not to install security systems in condominiums pops up frequently for both renters and building owners due to increasing safety concerns in apartment complexes. Security companies in Chicago install thousands of simple to complex security systems for different kinds of buildings and properties due to the constant need for improved security in the city.

Typically, apartment complexes have some traditional security systems to safeguard the property like gatekeepers and doormen. But, is that enough for a Chicago condo? This article takes a look at condo security and common security concerns for condos in Chicago. At the end of the article, you should be able to decide if a condo security system installation is worth it as a renter or building owner.

What is a Condo Security System?

A security system refers to a network of integrated devices and personnel working together to protect property. This includes hardware devices like smoke detectors, security cameras, glass break detectors, and more.

A condo security system is a security system employed by a condominium complex owner to protect the property. Condo security system installation can be carried out by both property owners and renters in Chicago, therefore a resident or renter in a complex can also install a personal security system to protect their condo.

Do I Need a Security System for My Condo?

There are several security concerns condos in Chicago can face including break-ins and fire emergencies. For this reason, traditional security in the form of guards or doormen may not suffice in the event of certain security breaches. Therefore, it might be crucial for you to invest in a condo security system installed on your property or your condo as an owner or a resident.

Renters might be at a higher risk of burglaries than homeowners. So, as a renter or as the owner of a rental apartment complex or as a renter, you can install security systems that will deter crime. Renters can also invest in renter-friendly cloud-based security systems to help them guard their properties at all times.

If you have recently moved into a condo in Chicago, do some groundwork to determine the most pressing security challenges your building or area condo faces. You can do this by asking neighbors or checking local news online statistics. This way, you’ll know the most essential components to include in any security system you choose to install.

Tips for Renters Installing Security Systems

For renters seeking to install security systems for their condos, there are a few things to bear in mind.

As a renter, you might need to find security companies in Chicago that offer renter-friendly security systems to avoid invasive hardwiring.

Renters might also need to find security companies that offer short-term and long-term contracts if they are not sure how long they would stay in a property.

Depending on the condo security system installation work carried out by a renter, a renter might need to share new keys or access codes with their landlord.

Security System Features for Condo Complexes

For condo complexes, owners can build security systems with features that address the top safety concerns of the property. One top security feature for condos and apartment buildings should be access control. A smart access control solution can help you manage access to the building.

Video cameras are another very essential security feature to include in your security system. However, you must ensure that the placement of your video cameras does not break any privacy law as a renter. Door and window sensors are also essential components of robust security systems. These sensors help to notify homeowners of security breaches through their doors or windows.

Smoke and CO2 sensors are also essential for the security of your space. Installing these detectors in your condo property will help you rest assured that your condo is secured. There are also a few other features you might consider adding based on the security conditions of your area. Discuss your concerns with a condo security installer in Chicago to find out what your options are.