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The day Jamie Lynn Spears was due to receive a harsh cease-and-desist note sent by Britney Spears’ attorney in an email, the singer joined for a follow-up interview on the call Her Daddy podcast while she continued to promote her new publication, Things I Should have said.

Amid a video of their home at home in Louisiana on Tuesday Britney’s younger sister back on her assertions that she’s repeatedly tried to assist Britney’s “Toxic” singer escape her controversial conservatorship. To accomplish this she raised a cell phone and texted a message to her sister in November of 2020. She called this “proof” that she was acting in the best interests of her sister. She seemed convinced that the message will prove her innocence.

The Zoey 101 star has been subject to more criticism by the #FreeBritney protesters after reading the text in front of the Daddy presenter Alexandra Cooper, but checking it against the transcription of what actually transpired during a court hearing regarding Britney’s conservatorship a day earlier on November. 10 2020, has raised concerns.

In the text, posted by way of screenshots for The father Podcast, Jamie Lynn slammed Britney’s former lawyer appointed by the court, Samuel D. Ingham III in addition to the mother of the siblings, Lynne Spears. She also described their father Jamie with a tender way, saying that he would like “to resign” from his duties in Britney’s conservatorship $600 million estate and was being kept in line. She also urged Britney to talk to Jamie directly.

“If you’re willing to speak with him and start the actual legal process of getting what you want, then dad is on board with that as well,” Jamie Lynn wrote.

Although Jamie Lynn’s words depict Jamie as being willing to resign, however, an account of November. 10th, 2020 hearing shows a difference. In the session — where Jamie Spears and Lynne Spears were able to attend via phone with their lawyers Ingham dismissed what was believed to be a shrewd request to be able to have Jamie removed from the court immediately. “My client has informed me on many occasions that she is afraid of her father,” Ingham declared in her plea to the judge Brenda Penny to suspend Jamie by herself, without the necessity of any evidentiary proceedings. “She has also informed me many times that she would not be able to perform in the future if her father has control in her profession. She also informed me that she doesn’t want her father to collaborate in the proposed new management company Bessemer Trust.” Bessemer Trust.”

The lawyer for Lynne argued that the court accept the request of Ingham, Jamie’s lawyer, Vivian Thoreen, immediately adopted a shrewd stance in her defense, calling her client the “perfect conservator” and bashing the request. “My client, Mr. Spears, has specifically and solely consented to the appointment of Bessemer as a co-conservator,” Thoreen declared and criticized Ingham’s interpretation of Britney’s requests to be “hearsay.” “I don’t believe there is a shred of evidence to support my client’s suspension,” she declared while Jamie did not speak.

Judge Penny eventually denied the request to detain Jamie the day before, however, she did tell Ingham she’d reconsider in the event that he submitted it as a request from his client. He never did. The next important trial, in this case, took place on the 23rd of June, 2021 the day that Britney released her blockbuster declaration in front of Judge Penny, calling the conservatorship “cruel” and “abusive” and stating that she would bring a lawsuit against her father.

Jamie Lynn Spears planning to launch a podcast to discuss her fight with sister Britney Spears

Shortly after Jamie Lynn appeared on the podcast, the #FreeBritney followers began making a show of it. Many demanded that Spotify remove their account of Daddy for the platform they gave her. A lot of people pointed at the fact that her manager is currently Lou Taylor, the head of Britney’s previous management company Tri Star and a major antagonist to the group. They also criticized Cooper for not taking on Jamie Lynn over her ongoing relationship with Taylor.

According to Britney’s lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, Tri Star has not been transparent throughout the ongoing forensic review of the conservatorship which was officially ended on in November. 12. In the meantime there was a Tri-Star executive who purportedly was involved in the alleged surveillance program that monitored, mirrored and documented Britney’s personal conversations on Jamie’s behalf as per the whistleblower from a security firm who first spoke with in the New York Times.

Many thousands of Britney fans have left incendiary remarks over the Daddy Instagram post, which is promoting Jamie Lynn’s interview. Jamie Lynn interview. “Those who have listened and believe that this interview ‘clearly JL’ isn’t trained in regards to the FreeBritney movement. Alex did not pose any difficult inquiries,” one comment posted Thursday read. Some others criticized Ingham also. However, it was Jamie Lynn who bore the brunt of the criticism.

The lawyers of Lou Taylor and Jamie Lynn’s lawyer have not responded to an email sent by Rolling Stone requesting comment on Friday.

After their appearances on the “Daddy” podcast, Jamie Lynn expressed her anger at the people “inserting themselves into our situation” and “encouraging” strife in her family. “All I want to do is love and support my sister and end this nonsense,” she declared.

Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney Spears’ younger sister, with whom has been in a heated fight recently and is believed to be planning to start a podcast.

In the words of The TMZ report, Jamie Lynn plans to start a podcast in which she will be able to speak candidly about her life in showbiz as well as her sister in the spotlight, Britney, who specifically demanded Jamie Lynn to not talk about her when she announced the release of her autobiography earlier in the year.

The show is expected to be unrestricted and has guests from various countries According to reports, the show will be a no-holds-barred affair.

Jamie Lynn, who started her career as a young actor in Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101 at the peak of Britney’s fame is currently as a character on the Netflix show Sweet Magnolias.

Britney also published an autobiography, entitled Things I Wish I’d said last month which came out just a few months after Britney removed herself from her conservatorship for 13 years.

The relationship between Britney being more like a mother figure than Lynne was evident even when she became one of the most famous pop stars around the globe. Britney supported her sister’s camera-hogging habits and made her the main actor behind the scenes on her first tour. In the next few months, Jamie Lynn was doing commercials for Clorox and Pepsi. Then, the Nickelodeon show debuted which was followed by Lynne along with Jamie Lynn moved to California.

Perhaps due to the fact that she’s still trying to shield her mother, The book tends to merely recount the events that pertain to their relationships, not getting into the details of how Jamie Lynn actually felt about her and her mom. She describes how she felt apprehensive and shivering in fear during her very first appearance on The All That set and her mom gave her a displeasure look. It’s not clear if her look seemed scary or intimidating and she says the other cast members were “nurturing,” and she did not have any issues performing.

Britney Spears has said she’ll take action against her sibling, Jamie Lynn if she continues to make “derogatory” statements about her in the course of promoting her new book.

In a cease-and-desist letter that Britney’s legal counsel Matthew Rosengart claims that the “ill-timed” memoir contains several “misleading or outrageous claims”.

While Britney hasn’t been able to go through the novel, she believes that her cousin is the one who “exploited her for monetary gain,” the author wrote. “She will not tolerate it, nor should she,” the letter said.

Jamie Lynn has not yet publicly addressed the letter.

“Publicly airing false or fantastical grievances is wrong, especially when designed to sell books. It is also potentially unlawful and defamatory,” Rosengart warns in the letter.

Britney as well as her sibling have been involved in a verbal battle from the moment Jamie Lynn appeared on Good Morning America to announce her new publication, Things I Should Have Said this week.

Jamie Lynn Spears Subtly Reacts to Britney Spears’ Wedding to Sam Asghari

Britney Spears and Jamie Lynn Spears’ Ups and Downs Amid Conservatorship Drama: A Timeline

In a recent posting on Instagram, she said that she was Jamie Lynn as being pampered in her post, stating “this was never my life”.

Jamie Lynn has replied by declaring that her book isn’t exclusively about Britney Jamie Lynn added: “I can’t help that I was born a Spears too, and that some of my experiences involve my sister.”

A dramatized relationship. Britney Spears as well as Jamie Lynn Spears have had an up and down relationship over the years and they haven’t always kept the tensions under wraps.

Then, in June of 2021 the singer made her appearance in the courtroom in the very first instance since she was placed under a conservatorship back in 2008. In the dramatic hearing she explained the reasons she could choose her own lawyer. She also explained that she was looking to initiate an action in court against the family she was born to.

“I simply would like to have my life to start over. It’s been 13 long years, and that’s more than enough. It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the money I earned,” singer “Lucky” singer told the press when she was in her 20s. “I would really wish to bring a case against my parents in order to be transparent with you. I would also prefer communicate my story to the world, and also what I was dealt by them instead of being kept a secret for everyone.”

Jamie Lynn Spears’ Memoir Gives New Context To Her Feud With Britney

At the height in Britney Spears’ fame her story of success was inextricably tied to her family. The mother of her daughter, Lynne was often seen with her on television smiling with pride when she discussed her daughter’s future as a superstar for her children on Oprah and MTV. The couple’s relationship was depicted in novels, including the scrapbook memoir of 2000 Heart to Heart as well as a sweet YA novel 2001’s A Mother’s Gift.

And the newest, Jamie Lynn, was included in the program too. She was often as a background character on Britney’s TV specials, having fun and acting like a miniature Brit. Donning a wig for cameras resulted in more professional performances, including an appearance on Nickelodeon’s Tween rendition of SNLAll That as well as having her own network show Zoey 101, which debuted in 2005.

However, the image of the family began to decline. The first was Britney’s divorce from her public persona and feuds with the paparazzi 2007, culminating in a fight with her parents, and the creation of conservatorship. The in year before, Jamie Lynn Spears became pregnant at age 16, which made her a prime tabloid story.

For more than a decade in the past, neither Britney or Jamie Lynn really talked in detail about the experiences they had growing up with their families or doing their best to live up to their glamorous images. The situation changed in 2019 when the hashtag #FreeBritney caused the pop singer to make a statement about what she perceived to be her family’s infringing on her conservatorship. “I would like to sue my family,” she stated in court clearly.

Since that time, the public has been fighting their family’s choices. The spotlight has been focused on the father Jamie who was the main figure in the conservatorship. However, Britney stan’s Britney stan Army has raised questions about the backing of her mother and her brother of her, and more recently, the participation of her younger sister. Britney was removed from Instagram following some discussions about Jamie Lynn’s new memoir Things I Should’ve Said.

The book is often informative, though sometimes grammatically sloppy and elliptical and a story of the destructive ways of life that come from being raised in a showbiz family. “My siblings and I have been traumatized by the distorted vision my parents have of loyalty and success,” Jamie Lynn writes. “I want Britney and the world to know she isn’t the only one who is left with scars from our early years of delinquency and manipulation.” It’s the latest chapter in the family’s public process of what seems like an ongoing reality TV show.

It’s widely known that the beginning years of Britney’s career were difficult as her family supported her showbiz goals, struggled financially, and dealt with Jamie’s alcoholism. “Momma was often working and taking care of the family,” Jamie Lynn writes. “She was also dealing with the complexities of an addicted husband.” (Her parents haven’t publicly addressed any of the accusations Jamie Lynn makes about them in her memoir.)

Britney was forced to be Britney was a “second mother” to Jamie Lynn, she writes. All children were required to help their mother, which included hiding things in order to keep their father from being angry. According to the memoir, after Britney fell off in a car that her mother allowed her to take a drive in, Lynne swiftly changed her seat with her to ensure that Jamie would not lash out. “We all pretended — said things or stayed quiet,” Jamie Lynn writes, “to make sure Daddy was placated and their relationship remained intact.”

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