Braids with curls are an evergreen style worldwide and trending all over social media. Be it sunny days, gloomy winters, or romantic rains, this hairstyle is suitable for any climate. An uptight yet stylish hairstyle, this one takes quite a lot of time and patience to pull off.

In the case of long hair, it can take 5-6 hours of braiding to give those luscious locks. Originally, braids with curls were double french braids that act as a work of art on the hair. The sophisticated braids add a twist and volume to give the ‘princess jasmine’ look.

Origin of braids

Beauty standards have evolved from time to time, but braids are timeless. Braids have been the staple part of the never-ending evolution of fashion.

The history of this work of art dates back to 3500 BC. They originate from African culture, and it is a unique way of identifying the tribe. Braid patterns were a way to identify tribes in Africa. It was a symbol of cultural richness and beauty. Braiding was a social art because people used to take time out and socialize more.

This tradition created bonds and a sense of friendship, among others. However, the popularity of braids increased in the 1900s. Initially, braids were worn by older women, but then they were worn and adorned by men and women of all age groups.

Braids now and then

This decade is all about bringing out the cultural pearls and flaunting them. Now women are braiding in several forms like french braids, braid buns, a half-do, color the braids as highlights, organic and messy, etc. Braids are worn to give a more polish and a sophisticated look. Braids make a statement and make you look important. Box braids are a modern cultural ethnicity.

There are also braiding slots situated in the nooks and corners of Africa. Many men and women get their hair braided—a perfect example of such a salon in Harlem.

Previously, braids were a medium to indicate your tribe, but now it is all about making an impression, trying out a new style, and simply taking care of the hair. However, some people still use it for cultural purposes as well. Braids will never be out of the picture, as they are practical and fashionable.

What is unique about braids with curls-

  •  Braiding promotes healthy hair as it reduces friction between hair and pillow. The hair remains more structured.
  •  Braids prevent frizziness.
  •  Prevents split-ends.
  •  Maintains overall hair health

 However, too tight braids can lead to breakage. One should make it off the proper tightness and pattern.

 What is notable about braids?

Locks moisture

It can avoid frizz and balances the scalp’s natural oils by simply braiding the hair or by applying a hair mask.

Prevents hair tangling

We all have those mornings or times when our hair gets so tangled, and all the time while detangling, we are scared of going bald. Braids got us covered. It helps in keeping the hair organized and saves us from scorching pain.

Helps with hair fall

Braiding improves hair fall as it improves blood circulation leading to better circulation of nutrients to the hair follicle.

There are tons of hacks on the internet regarding braiding, which is not confined to braiding but its hairstyles, braiding for changing the hair texture, heatless curling, etc.

  • There is something called cheap braids, which create a second ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. Divide the pony and start braiding.
  • Braid buns are extensively used for weddings, formal occasions, or even on dates.
  • Adding accessories like threads and clips and coloring them can be a great way to add funk to the staple braids. The method of adding threads to the braid is prevalent in Goa.
  • Fake french braids are another easy way of braiding hair that is more convenient and comfortable than the regular french braid.
  • The fishtail braid is a more elaborate version of the french braid. The sections are more detailed, small, and minute. The outcome looks like the tail of a mermaid gradually narrows down.
  • Invisible braids are the kind of braids that cover the entire head and give the illusion of longer hair.
  • The waterfall braid is the braids tied on the corners of the scalp or just left to drop down like a waterfall.
  • Pixie braids consist of many braids and have an approximate width of a pencil and cover most of the thread.


Braids are long-lasting and give you a break from monotonous hairstyles. They are low maintenance and are suitable for bad hair days. It continues to provide moisture to the hair, thus, helping them to condition.

Braids installation and removal are time-consuming and can lead to breakage if done too tightly. However, no matter the consequences, rock your braids with a french, pixie, or fishtail spice.