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Bodhi Ransom Green is the child of entertainer Megan Fox and entertainer Brian Austin Green. He seems to be a small variant of Megan Fox and is viewed as one of the cutest big-name kids. Megan Fox sometimes posts photos of her child on Instagram which has charmed the hearts of every last one.

Megan who follows Buddhism named him roused by her religion. The word ‘bodhi’ means stirred or illuminated, which has its underlying foundations in the Buddhist ideal of a more profound comprehension of the world. 

He imparts the name to Aussie entertainer Teresa Palmer’s child Bodhi Downpour. In spite of the fact that his folks have attempted to protect him from the media because of his young age, he is as of now renowned for his enormously effective guardians.

Who Is Bodhi Ransom Green?

Bodhi Ransom Green’s date of birth is February 12, 2014. He was brought into the world at Cedars-Sinai Emergency clinic in Los Angeles. He was popular since he was a child in light of the fact that many found out about it.

Furthermore, he has a more seasoned sibling named Noah Shannon Green and a more youthful sibling named Excursion Waterway Green. They are eight and four years of age individually. What’s more, he has a relative Kassius who was brought into the world by his dad when he was hitched by Vanessa Marcil.

Level of Bodhi Ransom Green

As per sources, Bodh Payment Green has turned into a famous individual of note because of his charming appearance. Notwithstanding, the well-known kid has grown up to an ideal level of 4 ft 1in 2022.

Weight of Bodhi Ransom Green

Well-known youngster star Bodhi is a delightful child who is growing up solid. As per his doctor, he put on 40 kg of weight at eight years old Starting around 2022.

Bodhi Ransom Green Instruction

Bodhi Ransom Green’s schooling has been kept hidden by his folks. They still can’t seem to uncover his degree of instruction at this stage or the name of his school, so there is no data about his schooling.

Bodhi Ransom Green Web-based Entertainment Handles

Bodhi is still too youthful to be in any way on any virtual entertainment stage as he can’t deal with a record all alone besides with the assistance of his folks, yet for the present, he isn’t via web-based entertainment until when he is mature enough; by then, he will actually want to pursue an online entertainment account on any foundation of decision.

Bodhi Ransom Green and his Loved ones

Bodhi isn’t the lone offspring of Megan and Brian. Megan and Brian had their most memorable child on 27th September 2012. Their oldest child is Noah Shannon Green. Noah is eleven years of age, three years more seasoned than Bodhi Green. Noah, Bodhi, and Excursion have an incredibly close bond with their folks.

Bodhi Ransom Green has a child from his past marriage, Kassius Lijah Marcel-Green. Both Bodhi and Noah have fortified strongly with their step-sibling Kassius. In various paparazzi pictures, it is recognizable that Megan is adoring Brian’s youngsters.

Paparazzi intercession of Bodhi Ransom Green

In 2014 Megan Fox acquainted Bodhi Ransom Green with the world on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Then, at that point, after her separation, she looked for the joint authority of her youngsters. Yet, she and her previous spouse settled and acknowledged joint authority.

The separation procedures and the notoriety of the couple put their kid Bodhi Ransom Green through a great deal of media consideration. This irritated Fox so she communicated her indignation to the paparazzi and requested that they give her kids protection.

Bodhi Ransom Green Mother Has Been Reprimanded for Nurturing Style

Bodhi Ransom Green folks esteem their protection a ton, in any event, going similarly as getting into a claim with the paparazzi, and making an honest effort to get the children far from the media spotlight. 

In any case, even her periodic Instagram post landed Fox into a discussion when she shared a Halloween picture in which Noah should have been visible wearing a dress. It was by all accounts, not the only such occurrence, as both Noah and Bodhi have purportedly confronted tormenting for their dress options and long hair.

Fox has referenced not compelling orientation generalizations on her youngsters, while Green has referenced that his children like to keep long hair. By the by, virtual entertainment clients frequently reprimanded Fox for making her young men dress like young ladies.

Moreover, after the couple separated, Fox was continually reprimanded for disregarding her children at whatever point she showed up in general society, notwithstanding her referencing that she passes on them with their dad to safeguard them from media examination.

Bodhi Ransom Green Father Style

Bodhi Ransom Green’s father, Brian Austin Green, is an American entertainer better known for his personality of David Silver on the TV series “Beverly Slopes, 90210” (1990-2000). Green was likewise a series standard on Eliminator: The Sarah Connor Narratives, Wedding ring, Freddie, and Outrage The board.

Prior to his job on Beverly Slopes, 90210, Green performed for three seasons (1986-1989) on the early evening drama Bunches Arriving on CBS, playing Brian Cunningham. 

He re-established his job in the Bunches Arrival TV smaller-than-normal series: Back to the Circular drive (1997). He additionally showed up in the 1987 pilot of Salutation, Miss Euphoria as Adam Montcrief.

Megan Fox petitioned for legal separation from Green on August 21, 2015, only a couple of days after the couple pronounced their detachment. They settled down in mid-2016. On April 25, 2019, Fox petitioned for the retraction of the separation in Los Angeles, California. 

In May 2020, Green said that he and Fox had separated away after almost a decade of marriage. In November 2020, Fox petitioned for legal separation briefly time from Green. They separated on October 15, 2021.

Bodhi Ransom Green Hobbies & Other Interests

Brian Austin Green is an exceptionally dynamic kid who appreciates going around the house and investigating things, while he likewise prefers to invest energy outside playing with his companions at the recreation area. He has proactively shown an interest in going about as his folks have taken him to their film and television series sets.

In any case, they’ve both expressed that they’d allow Ransom Green to pick what he believes should do in his life – by the by, he’s as of now enlisted at an acting school and is additionally working on singing and moving.

Bodhi Ransom Green Total assets

As far as his monetary worth, he has not yet begun his vocation and doesn’t yet have total assets. Megan, his mom, did, in any case, make money from acting and displaying. As indicated by online assets, her assessed total assets are 8 million US dollars, and his dad likewise brings in a sizable measure of cash.

His cohorts ridiculed him by letting him know that young men don’t wear dresses. In this manner, Megan Fox assisted him with overlooking the remarks of others. She assisted him with becoming sure. She is sustaining the style decisions of her children.


Bodhi Ransom Green is the delightful child of Brian Austin and Megan Fox.