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Birthdays are special, no matter what age or who the person is. Everyone just loves to celebrate, a day dedicated to them or themselves. Where people rejoice and feel the joy of you being a part of their lives. And to make such an occasion memorable you put in loads of effort not to miss what matters the most is your feelings and happiness. To add to your birthday bash you would definitely need some flowers either for decor or as a gift if you are invited to such an event. Birthday flowers are very many but to pick with all your heart is always the best.

Pick your birthday flowers with flowers at the hilltop based on what they mean


Why not go back to the basics? Roses are these gorgeous flowers that have been around us for centuries, they come in various colors red, pink, white, yellow, and orange. And what is even more interesting is that they now come in never seen before colors like lavender, ivory, and even rainbow. When it comes to birthday flowers with any Virginia Beach florist you can get bouquets that are simple and others that are larger than life. Roses generally symbolize love, not just romantic ones. But if you are looking for romantic birthday flowers, red roses are the best.

Interestingly, with every color the meaning changes

Pink- Represents Grace, femininity, gratitude, and admiration.
Orange- Desire, passion, energy, and enthusiasm.
White- Innocence, purity, peace, and loyalty.
Lavender- Love at first sight, adoration, and royalty.
Yellow- Happiness, friendship, and delight.

Asiatic Lilies

Another lovely flower for birthdays is this one, asiatic lilies are these gorgeous flowers with around six petals, some have a pattern, others just solid colors. What makes Asiatic lilies so special are their amazing colors and shades. You will find every lily to have its own personality and looks. From two tones to patterns to gradient shades. Asiatic lilies are unpredictable at times. But what you get every single time. Coming to what these flowers symbolize, Asiatic lilies generally represent purity and innocence. But there is more to its meaning with each color which you can discover with Flower Delivery in Norfolk.

White- Lilies symbolize innocence and purity.
Pink- Affection, love, and fertility.
Yellow- Friendship, joy, and hope.
Red- Love and passion.
Orange- Pride, Confidence, and Wealth.


Another flower that is not just enchanting but easy to find at a flower shop in Virginia Beach. Chrysanthemums are always around to be picked up for any occasion. Usually seen in a round shape, these flowers come in a variety of shades. Also, this flower has a huge variety of more than 10 species all around the world. What makes them so popular is their color, and their huge growth during fall. In the season of shedding leaves, this amazing flower blooms with all its glory. Chrysanthemums are full of beauty and meaning.

Violet- Good wishes, thoughtfulness, and care.
Red- Deep Love and passion.
White- Honesty, loyalty, and innocence.
Yellow- Celebration and joy.

Gerbera Daisies

A vibrant and colorful flower that will always bring a smile to your face. Gerberas are a popular choice when it comes to fresh-cut flowers. What makes them so exciting to have are the colors they come in and the way they radiate light. Like other flowers on this list, gerberas also have varied meanings.

Red- Unconscious love.
White- Purity and religious sentiments.
Orange- Zeal, confidence, and warmth.
Yellow- Warmth, friendship, and joy.
Purple- Elegance, Roalthy, and grace.

These flowers definitely make a great gift or a token of your feelings. Make birthdays more special with these fresh-cut flowers and bouquets made exclusively for your loved ones.