Free Attorney Consultations Worth

Most people will probably need legal consultations at least once in their lifetime. The good news is there’s no shortage of lawyers and attorneys that are open to taking your case for a fee. But, it’s almost commonplace to now find some attorneys offering free consultations, and that often begs the question: “Can you really consult a lawyer for free?”

Many park benches are filled with toll-free numbers to get free consultations with lawyers, and you’ll also find similar ads on the internet. While many people shy away from free consultations and freebies in general, there’s really nothing to lose by booking a free consultation with an attorney. This article explains why some lawyers might offer free consultations, and covers a couple of things you should expect from one.

Why Do Some Attorneys Offer Free Consultations?

Several law practitioners often give potential clients the chance to consult a lawyer for free. The reason for this might vary from practice to practice. But generally, lawyers or firms who offer free consultations do this for potential clients to get some direction about their case and get a feel of the lawyer or firm to see if they are the right fit.

What To Expect During a Free Consultation

When you take the opportunity to contact a lawyer for free, there are a few things to expect. Free consultations are kind of like a first date with a lawyer who will potentially handle your case. Think of the experience as an opportunity for you and the lawyer to know each other better without making any serious commitments.

When you meet with a lawyer, they are likely to begin by asking you questions about yourself and your case. The lawyer might ask you to share facts about the situation you’re seeking legal advice for and ask to see any additional documents you have regarding the case.

Afterward, the lawyer will educate you about your rights in the particular matter, and show you the legal options you have. In a free consultation, you can also prepare questions that you wish to ask a lawyer for free and expect to receive answers based on the facts available. At the end of the free consultation, you should get a sense of the lawyer’s legal approach and personality, and decide if you want to move forward with them.

Free consultations can give you a sense of direction about your case, but you might not receive the clear-cut legal solutions that your unique case deserves. One major advantage of free consultations is that you get to consult with a lawyer for free without the kind of pressure that comes with paid visits. Note that the lawyer cannot pursue your case further or represent you without first getting into a lawyer-client agreement.

Questions to Ask During a Free Consultation

During your consultation, there are several questions you can ask a lawyer for free. Some questions you could ask a lawyer during a consultation are:

How many years of experience do you have in this area?
Is my case likely to end in a settlement or a trial?
How long would a case like this take to be resolved?
Do I have a good chance of winning this case?
Have you handled cases similar to mine?
How large of a settlement could I expect?
What legal procedures will be carried out during this case?
What’s your fee structure like?

There are several other questions you can ask a lawyer to gauge their suitability and experience. Before heading in for a free consultation, you can jot down a list of important questions you’d like to ask so you’ll have all the answers you need to decide if you’ll proceed or not.

Choosing the Right Attorney

Sometimes, a free consultation with a lawyer is all you need to get started in your legal journey. Free consultations give you the opportunity to ask a lawyer for free advice before making any permanent decision.

To consult a lawyer for free, simply check through online law directories or your local bar association for lawyers offering free consultations. After the consultation, you’ll get a better understanding of your rights and might find an ideal lawyer to help you navigate your case.