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Crocheted hairs are everybody’s desire, like hotcakes, and with this changing fashion, we thought to give away our best tips and tricks on how you can get crocheted Briana Braids just by yourself at your home.

Before we tell you how to braid, you must know the materials that you will be required to do.

Material required for doing Briana Braids Closure.

  1. Bobby pins
  2. Some hairpins
  3. Weaving net
  4. Nylon thread   

You may also need a rat tail comb, a wide-tooth comb, a dry towel, and hair cutting scissors. Additionally, you may require rubber bands, hair holding spray, and a hair gel.

This list of prerequisites can overwhelm you, but you must wait and watch the magic that happens later because it is worth it.

How to simply put on a closure.

You want a braid pattern in which you need your hairs tightly stuck to your head, so it will help you manage the Briana Braid wig properly. So, you need to braid your natural hair tightly in the following ways.

  • Braid so that you add the end of your last braid into the continuation of the next braid to make a connected pattern and stick them all together in a braid at the end.
  • Now leave the tail of the hairs you just braided. You want to bring your tail end of the braid up because that is when you are going to begin stitching it down to your braid pattern.
  • So cut off a little piece of weaving thread, and then you can take a curve or straight needle, whichever you prefer. You need to put your thread through the eye of the needle and bring both ends of the thread together. You need to tie those ends together in knots and tighten them, so your hairs are ready to be stitched.
  • Now we are going to be stitching the closure. Start by putting your needle through a part of your braid where you would like to sew an end of the closure. Put the needle underneath the braid on your scalp, and then begin doing the stitching technique to stitch down your net.

Stitching technique we use that can make your work easy:-

Grab the thread, wrap it twice around the needle, and then pull it through. Or you can wrap it twice around your fingers and pull through the needle by inserting it in.

(Remember to wrap it twice whether you wrap it around the needle or the finger!)

So, once you secure the last knot, you can cut off the remaining thread. (You can grease your hair and scalp with hair wax or gel or hair spray to set your hair in a particular position) Now we will begin with actual Briana Braids!

How to put Briana braids over the closure.

You can take the Briana braids wig that you can get anywhere online. To begin with, take the coiled or elastic ends of the wig and wrap it around your ears to cover the area of your forehead, and tighten them to make the wig stick to your head.

  • To make the wig stay in its place, you need to take the black nylon thread and a curved or straight needle, whichever you prefer. Take the needle and put it through the weaving net, and by taking the needle from under the braid, attach the net of the wig to the net of the closure.
  • Sew the hair from above the wig with the closure net and complete it all to the below.
  • Cut the black nylon thread’s ends by tying the notes tightly without leaving more oversized lots.
  • Set the wig and ends of the hair roots with a hair spray or a gel to give them a high-end look.

You can leave your hair down as it is, ties them up in a ponytail or a bun, and bring on the classy look.


The above steps can help you accomplish your dream hair look and rock the Briana Braids with closure. Although you are finding it hard to do it by yourself, you can always go to the salons or hire a hair designer to help you achieve your dream look. For more related content, check out our website to see what we have in store for you. Till then, have goodbye.