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Having kids seems to be putting the brakes on your holiday plans for Summer Vacation. It should not matter when the myriad of tourist destinations are out there to pick from. You might want the sea, beaches, adventure, sandcastles, and a city break, but picking the right destination with kids can be mind-boggling. 

Family-friendly holiday ideas are not far from your reach. Instead of setting your heart on a particular type of holiday, like beach fun, you should aim at numerous vacation ideas, from historical places to laid-back mountainous valleys. 

Depending on your budget and what you want to derive from your holiday, you can plan your holidays either within your country or abroad. If you want to wind down further afield, you may need to stretch your budget. If you fall short of cash, you can take out small installment loans for bad credit

Summer vacation places to have fun with your family

Here are the family-friendly summer vacations:

Kent, good if you love being with nature

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities, treat yourself to a national nature reserve in England. Elmley Nature Reserve comes with iconic custom-made huts and cabins to rent, filled with the elegance of 18th-century farmhouses. Feast your eyes on the spectacular view across the reserve from a beautiful accommodation. 

Make your taste buds familiar with seasonal and local ingredients. Spring and summer is the best time to explore the grandiosity and magnificence of the reserve, with swooping displays of birds in the marsh. See spring chicks becoming mature and getting ready for their first faltering flights.

Dragonflies and butterflies will be in droves. Marsh frogs will reach a crescendo as soon as dusk sets in.   

Egypt, if you love to know historical facts

Egypt has been a fascinating country to many people, and it is all because of the fame it gained through its world-known embalming approach called mummification. If you are excited about exploring the traditional practice of mummification, visit the museums there. 

Although the practice dates back to the fourth or fifth dynasties, a few mummies in the museums will communicate a lot to help you learn about their culture, rituals, and, above all, the philosophy behind embalming the dead. 

In addition, do not miss the chance to visit the Grand Egyptian Museum. The museum will enlighten you about its fun facts and history. It is the largest museum dedicated to civilization, home of about 5,000 items from King Tut’s tomb, to say nothing of innumerable other treasures. 

Operators run the museum independently, and they offer a number of tours to families to make the most of their trip. 

Greece, if you are seeking peace in the traditional hill village

Beaches are often on your holiday plan, but the crowd may put you off. At the north of Athens is a 60-mile Pelion Peninsula, dripped with history, mythology, and charm and dotted with villages with leafy squares, a perfect island to munch a walnut cake. 

Apart from the majestic view of natural sceneries and majestic beaches, Greece boasts churches and museums. Kids will get to know about the history and culture. A lot of traditional hill villages and preserved mansions are there to explore tourists. This is a great place for you, even if you have a toddler. 

Montenegro: a perfect combination of mountains and beaches

Do you want everything on your holiday trip? Make a trip to Montenegro, boasting about snow-capped peaks above turquoise lakes and rivers running through national parks surrounded by villages

If you are looking for an active holiday tour, this is the best venue to plan your summer vacation for your family. From resorts to kids’ clubs and from fine dining to pools, your vacation will be relaxing far from the crowds of cities.

This is also a good place for hiking, biking, and zip-lining. A mix of fun activities will make your holiday trip indelible. 


Volcanic playgrounds, glittering icebergs, and tectonic plates – all these natural wonders make Iceland an admiring place among children. If supernatural creatures existed, Iceland would be that place. Its majestic beauty is so deep that it is all but impossible to capture in your eyes. 

The mysterious landscapes of Iceland will bowl you over. Hiking is one thing you can do over there. However, if you are a daredevil or want to make your experience more memorable, you should ride a horse across black rocks to reach the summit of volcanoes. 

This is the best activity for your kids, something unique, memorable, and way better than just lying on the sandy beaches. Apart from hiking and volcanic encounters, water adventure is not missing in Iceland. 

The Blue Lagoon is quite famous for its hot waterfalls. There are cafes and restaurants as well, so you do not need to worry about finding a place to eat and drink nearby. You can also explore fishing towns and summer vacation explore peaceful creatures – humpback whales, blue whales, and spying whales. 

Horse riding is another memorable sport that your kids would love. Horses in Iceland are different from wild horses. They are called ponies because of their short structure. Riding a pony will be helpful for touring around Iceland. It has become a very popular way to explore the majestic beauty of this place. It is instead a fun activity.

The bottom line

There are a lot of destinations where you can go with your family and have fun. Many of them are budget-friendly. However, you can borrow from an online lender if you still need some money.

If you are a student and want to wind down far from the crowd of your city, you can consider applying for instant loans for students in the Unemployed. These loans will help fund your tour cost. However, before you fill in the application form, make sure that you have analyzed your repaying capacity.  

So where are you heading to with your family this summer?