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A robust security system is a crucial element of every modern commercial building and property. These security networks are made up of several components that work hand-in-hand to secure a property from invasion and other undesired events.

Each component of a security system is designed to fulfill a specific purpose and address specific safety concerns. A security camera, for example, is a component of most security systems. A commercial security system installation process typically involves the installation of several of these different components. This article explains what a commercial security system is, and the most essential features of a commercial security system for your business.

What is a Commercial Security System?

A commercial security system features a network of devices that work synergistically to protect commercial property like a business from burglary, fires, natural disasters, vandalism, and other undesirable events. Commercial security systems might have the same components as some advanced home systems, but with a few significant differences.

Commercial security differs from home security as commercial security systems cater to the unique needs of commercial areas. These systems are designed for larger premises and feature devices operating on a fairly larger scale than home systems.

Depending on the security needs of your business, there are several different components to include in your commercial security system installation.

Door card readers and other commercial-grade door access systems are a common part of most commercial security systems. Door and window alarms, motion sensors, video security systems, and access control systems, are may also popularly be used in commercial security systems, depending on your business’s needs.

Commercial security systems can be installed in schools, warehouses, small businesses, religious centers, and many other areas. A 2019 FBI statistic showed that nearly 40% of all burglaries recorded in the US were on commercial property. Therefore, you should consider a custom security system designed especially for your unique security needs.

Top 5 Features of Commercial Security Systems

Here are the top five features every commercial security system should have.

Video Surveillance

Security cameras are probably the first thing we think of when we think of picturing a security system. Video surveillance offers an effective means for security personnel to monitor what’s going on around or inside a commercial property. Some modern cloud-based video surveillance systems also help business owners access security footage from their premises from wherever they are in the world. Installing a high-definition camera system with 24/7 video recording around your property is crucial to protect your assets during and after business hours.

A robust video surveillance system includes both cameras and video monitoring interfaces.

Specialty cameras like thermal imaging cameras also help to keep businesses secure by providing cutting-edge surveillance in the poorest lighting conditions. You can also get access to video analytics with the right security systems that can also help improve business analytics operations in different ways.

Access Control

Installing an access control system helps you manage who can access your business premises. It is a great way to gain control and manage the entry and exit points of your business. You can set pre-established credentials for your access control system to run, so you can decide who gets access to where the different areas of your business.

Proper access control helps keep intruders out and also manages and monitors internal operations. Some access control devices include magnetic, keypad, and biometric door access systems. You’ll need to contact reliable access control installation services to help you decide which access control features are best for your business.

Fire Safety System

Fire safety is a crucial security element of any commercial property. Installing devices like heat detectors, sprinkler systems, and other fire safety equipment is crucial to the safety of your commercial property. To avoid loss and got have peace of mind., it’s crucial toYou can include a fire safety system in your commercial security system installation.

Building a Robust Commercial Security System

To build a security system that’s tailored to your property, you’d have to must first determine your unique business operations and security needs. Afterward, contact a reputable commercial security systems company that provides access control installation services, video surveillance and monitoring, fire safety systems, and other essential security features like door and window alarms.